Link strategy, crucial for your SEO success!

To create a successful link strategy there is a number of things you should consider. Here are some tips and advice:

Relevance is more important than PageRank

The first thing you should look at when selecting or creating links is relevancy. We do not recommend that you ONLY go for links with high PageRank. There are many factors that contribute to a high ranking in search engines and only links with high PageRank will not accomplish this. It is shown that even sites with low PageRank can reach a good position in the search results. Relevant links are more important than links from sites with high PageRank. Relevant links from sites that has content in the same substance or area as your site does. If your site is all about real estate the best is of course to get links from other websites about real estate. Is doesn't look natural that a real estate website has alot of links form websites about cars or horses.

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How to decide good SEO for marketing professionals

To hire SEO for marketing professionals can be quite complicated. To employ SEO consultants can be just as complicated. Often the problem is how to compare, how do you know which candidate or which SEO company that best suits your own ambition? I will give you some good rules to decide how to go about when choosing a SEO consulting partner. Whether you choose to go with a single SEO consultant or a big SEO company, there are some requirements I think you should ask.


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We help small & large businesses with things like SEO, SEM, CMS, CRO, GA, GSC and other related acronyms. Above all, we focus on our clients business goals. We want to be our customers’ partner for online marketing and sales initiatives online.


Having a successful online business requires tangible results, ex. create more sales, reaching new customer groups or to improve operational efficiency. Our customers operate in many different areas, some are local in Mallorca, other offers their services and some sell their products online internationally. Jointly they regularly ask us to improve their online visibility and results. Our business model is based on close and long-standing relationships with our customers, big or small.

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