10 small application tips

At SEO Ibérica we are looking for a sales consultant in SEO & web design on Mallorca. This is great fun and involves a large number of applications to go through. Many of the applications are good but some people do, in my view som small errors.

Our 10 small  application tips:

  1. Choose a personal picture. It is good to attach a picture in the application, but choose a good picture. If you do not have a good picture, get somebody who can help you. Do not send a picture from the party trip to Ibiza in 1998.
  2. Write something interesting in the mail. Employers receive many applications so you have to stand out immediately. Try to write something else than "Here is my application to the role of X".
  3. Do not send email from your current job-email.
  4. Do not send email from a "strange" email address, eg "dontcare@heybaby.com".
  5. Please review your application carefully and check spelling.
  6. Do not send your application directly from a "service". These applications often gives a very simple look and noghtng personal.
  7. Do not leave the "subject" field empty.
  8. Read and follow the instructions in the job advert. If it says in the ad that you should specify a particular thing in the "subject"-field, please follow the specifications.
  9. Attach files that anyone can open, tentatively PDF
  10. Do not use smileys :-)