5 steps to create content that Google love!


Creating content on your website is one of the best investments you can make. And to write good content, it is important to consider both users and search engines like Google.

Writing for search engines such as Google is often perceived much harder than it actually is. And often writing SEO friendly content is in contrast with writing user-friendly content. Actually it's the opposite. If you write a good text for your users, you've come a long way in creating content that Google love.

Here are 5 steps that will make Google like your content.

  1. One keyword per page
    A good rule of thumb when working with web pages is that every web page should only be optimized for a keyword. The reason is simple, Google think that one webpage only can be relevant for one thing. For example, you want to optimize for the keywords "boats" and "houses", you need to do this on two different pages of your site.
  2. Use keywords in title, header and body text
    To ensure that your text is optimized for search engines is no more difficult than make sure your keyword appears in the web page's:
    - Title
    - Main Heading
    - Body text
    Avoid "keyword stuffing"; writing the keyword too many times in the body, it is good enough the keyword is mentioned once in the text in its exact form. If you think about the user, this will never be a problem. Google likes and understands synonyms, so use synonyms for your keywords in the body text.
  3. Do not be afraid to write long texts
    Google loves content and a long text is better than a short text in Google's eyes. Many thinks users love short texts and that this is in contrast to what search engines like.
    Sure, a short text can be more user friendly, but in most cases you can write the text so that both users and Google will be satisfied. Let me give you an example; you can split your content on the website. Start with a short preamble for those who want it short and proceed further down the page with more text for those who want to read more.
  4. Avoid duplicate content
    Duplicate content is a major sin when it comes to SEO. A duplicated text is when the same text is available in several different web pages, whether they are on your own site or if there are copies from other sites. Make sure all the content you produce is unique and that you only publish it in one place. If you have too much duplicate content on your site, chances are your visibility on Google will deteriorate significantly.
  5. Do not forget the images
    Google loves text, but do not forget the images. Of course you want your images to have good visibility in "Google Image" -search. The challenge is that Google can not see understand what an image represents (even if they are trying to solve it). Therefore you need to tell the search engine what the image represents using:
    - Alt Attribute
    - Image file name (URL)
    - The caption 

If you follow these 5 steps to create content that Google love, your content will be more visible in Google. If you want to learn more about SEO, you can find more in our blog.

Good luck with your content!