8 steps to a good website

We at SEO Ibérica also offer custom CMS solutions where we build websites with passion and perfection, leaving nothing to chance. To ensure reliable delivery and provide security to our customers, we have developed a proven model that we use when we create and design a website.

Our model consists the following 8 steps:

1. Preliminary study

To understand what the client wants to achieve with its new website is perhaps the most important step in the whole process. We prefer to go through the project's circumstances and goals in an initial meeting.

It is as true as it is said: "Without having a goal it's difficult to score".

2. Planning

When we know what the customer wants, we begin to plan how we will do it. This means that we do research, check other websites and are looking for appropriate solutions in terms of features, colors and layout needs. We can provide simple sketches and so-called "wireframes".

3. Design

First of all, we usually design the home page to get the concept and the overall feel of the website. When we worked out a concept that feels good for the customer, then we add one or more design layouts for other webpages.

4. Coding

We always start by building a solid foundation in which we then add page by page. The coding is both what the visitor sees, but also what is happening in the background and the customization of the management interface.

5. Testing

There are currently several web-browsers on the market, and unfortunately they sometimes interpret the code on the website different. This applies particularly to Internet Explorer, which has a history of not following the  web standards. To avoid that a website doesn't look right or does not work in a particular browser, it is required testing and sometimes adapting the code for everything to work and look good in all modern browsers.

6. Input

When most of the website's functionality and design are in place you can start adding content that may not yet have been added, such as text, images and other materials.

7. Education

As we approach the launching of the website, we usually have a briefing and training in a couple of hours in how the website works and how to administrate it. If the customer wants to add content on the website, we do this before the previous step.

8. Launch

The website is now complete and ready for launch. So far, the site has been in production environment and it is now time to move on to their "real" environment and go live! In this step we move all files that the website has and copy all the content from the database in the test environment to the actual website, and make some final adjustments.

SEO Ibérica always want to contribute to a better and better looking Internet for everyone. We would therefore like to share this model with the hope that more people start working with structured web production and to clarify which steps actually required in a serious web projects. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can improve this model, so leave a comment and contribute to a better looking and better internet community!