Advertise on trademarked content in Google Adwords?

In Google Adwords you, as an advertiser, can effectively target your advertising to interesting client segments. But what do you need to think about when and if you want to advertise on trademarked content in Google Adwords?

Today you can advertise on competing brands or brands you are a reseller of. By making the correct bid and have a relevant ad, it is possible to get your ad in the search results above the chosen brand.

To advertise on someone else’s trademark is allowed according to Google’s guidelines. However, there are restrictions in how this may be used in ad text, pictures and video advertising. The advertisement must not damage the brand or be contrary to good practice.

Trademarked content in ad text

Some brands are protected, which means that the owner has submitted a request to Google and requested that their brand can not be used by in others Google Adwords. In most cases Google give the trademark owner the right. This means that ads where trademarked brand names is used or mentioned, are not approved.

In these cases you can not use the trademark in your ads, unless you are the trademark owner. Instead you need to use other words that describe the brand.
Let’s give you an example: If you are a car dealer selling cars you may need to change your ads so that the brand is not mentioned in the ad text, to be approved. Instead of typing “Buy BMW with us”, you can write “Buy a new car with us”.
Today you are allowed to get traffic to web pages where the brand is mentioned.

When can you use trademarked brands in ads?

There are times when Google can allow you to use a trademarked name or brand in the ad text.

  • The trademark owner has submitted a form to Google where it says specifically that the brand may be used in specific Adwords account.
  • The word may be used for descriptive purposes with its usual meaning, and not as a reference to the brand.
  • The ad does not refer to the goods or services corresponding to the trademarked word.

There can be good reasons why companies do not want to advertise on trademarked content in Google Adwords. But the possibility is there, and it can be very profitable! It is also good for consumers and users because it makes them aware of the different options and prices offered, which in return encourage competition on the market.