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Adwords is the quickest way to get traffic from Google. In most cases we recommend investing in SEO before Adwords/PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing, if needed to choose. However, Adwords can be a great compliment to the SEO strategy. We can help to setup, manage, monitor, update and create reports on different PPC marketing initiatives, such as Google Adwords.

The main difference between working in organic SEO and Adwords is that organic SEO takes longer time but give much more traffic if you have a top position. Even if Google gives more space in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to Adwords, still only about 5 % click on Adwords of the total search volume. Compare this to organic SEO where the top 5 positions gets almost 68% (source, 2014).

Google uses an algorithm that is fairly close to their common algorithm that measures the quality of your landing page to determine if the ad is relevant. Then combined with the amount you are willing to pay in an auction system.

Since we prefer transparent payment models, we do not take a percentage of the budget. We only charge for the time we spend. Since the click usually get both cheaper and more efficient with the help of an expert, you can quickly get a good return on the investment.

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