How to be successful on Google?

A key factor to be successful in your online investment is to be successful on Google. In this tutorial, you get the seven steps to learn how your site ends up in the organic hitlist.

  • Update often

The best way to get visitors to return to your site is to update it frequently. Even Google likes sites with frequent updates, and the more posts you write, the more space you get on Google's rankings.

  • Optimizing your site

Search engine optimization is a controversial topic and as an entrepreneur, you are constantly offers from companies that want to help you with this. We can start with the basics yourself - some simple tricks make a big impact. Make sure to optimize each post after one or two keywords. Have the words in the title, preamble, a few times in the text and most importantly - in the title tag. Also make sure that the link text contains the word. It is also important that the URL contains the header.

  • Analyze everything

The reason you want to be seen on Google is of course that you want to have relevant visitors to your site and by analyzing visitors via Google Analytics (it's free), you will learn what activities that gives results. Here you can instantly see which keywords that generate business and which keywords that gives you the most visitors.

  • Follow the guidelines

Google has very clear guidelines on what is allowed in terms of search engine optimization. On the Webmaster Central (search it on Google), you will know how your site should be structured and here you will also get tips on how to optimize your page. If you follow the guidelines you will make it easier for Google to find and index your site.

  • Work with inbound links

Perhaps the most important factor for the success of a website is to get inbound links. For Google, and ither search engines, it is very important to get links to the site - and the more quality links the better. Aim to obtain a new link to your page every day. Make sure they write that link with relevant words in the link text (anchor text).

  • AdWords

An easy and fairly inexpensive way to quickly appear on Google's first page is to use Adwords. You only pay per click, and decide how much you're willing to pay. Popular search costs naturally more so be sure that the words you pay for is relevant. Are you a hairdresser on Mallorca, it is better to be seen on the combination "Mallorca + hairdresser" than to pay a lot to be seen on the word "hairdresser". The best thing about Adwords is that if the ad is relevant to the search phrase it will be given priority and hence, it is not only ad budget that determines placement.

  • Your content

Finally, it should be noted that the content on your site is that you should put absolute greatest focus on. No search engine optimization in the world can save an uninteresting webpage. However, if you are working hard on a good content - and make sure to do some simple adjustments for inproving the SEO - you've come a long way. Add your business to Google Maps and upload content on YouTube. It is free and provides good links to the site.