Building a smart business blog

A simple and effective way to communicate your company’s message is to create a business blog. It takes some time and patience to get started, but when the blog works well, you have created a direct channel to current and potential customers. We teach you how to build your blog for maximum effect.

Before you start with your business blog

Sure, it’s tempting to launch the blog at once, but just like when you started your business, it’s smart to have a plan first. Otherwise the risk is that you start blogging with frenzy and then lose the desire after a few weeks.

Start by thinking about what niche your blog should have and who your potential readers are. Blogs that contains only content is often appreciated more than general blogs, and because you want your business to take advantage of the blog, you should adjust the content accordingly. Ask yourself the question: What do you want your blog readers to do? Create a clear purpose with the blog, and be sure that it really makes a difference to your business.

Examine how your “typical customer” looks and behaves. If you sell silver earrings, your “typical customer” is a woman in her 40s with a stable income and interests as travel, wine and food. Then you should also write your blog so that the interest that particular type of customer.

Remember that your blog welcome to have a common thread. Try to present a new campaign same day every friday, or an important tips every Wednesday, he or she is guaranteed to visit the blog at the time. Please have recurring themes that visitors recognize.

Mouth-to-mouth method is very obvious in the internet. Studies show that it is enough to find 20 faithful readers of the blog will be able to get off, just by the 20 readers recommend it to others. So be sure to find 20 faithful readers who really love the content of your blog. Can you find 20 faithful readers, that figure will soon multiply.

The most important tip of all is to write about something you are passionate about. A blog needs to be updated frequently, preferably every day, and experience shows that such frequent update rate is only possible if you are passionate about the subject.

Design & Content

There is no answer to how the ultimate blog should look like. In general it can be said that we are creatures of habit, and we appreciate when the design feels familiar. As soon as we do not understand a blog or a website we choose another. Simplicity is the keyword when you design the blog.

Remember that you will have a large archive of posts for a while, and it’s important not to forget the old articles. Set up a ‘most popular topics’ on the front page and link to related posts in the end. That way, you get readers to browse through your blog for a long time.

Plan your design and content of your blog closely from the beginning. If you need to change the design after a year it will confuse visitors, and it can be dangerous since visitors are very unfair. Obtain from the start a web hosting and your own domain that is specific to your blog. Then select like a blog platform of quality, such as WordPress.

Be careful when you select the domain name to the blog. The reader should understand what the blog contains just by reading the name – and it should be easily spelled and preferably short.

Before you design your blog we highly recommend peeking at other blogs. What is it that makes them good? What are the features that you appreciate?

There are countless features that all blogs should have. Among them include the RSS, the ability to ping the posts, trackbacks, comments and so on. Also, working with links in your posts and provide links to and from the old posts so that they are frequently updated. Working with images, the average blog reader like graphic material.

Getting visitors

An easy way to get inbound links, more visitors and better ranking on Google is to have a list of links to other blogs. Of course, make sure that the blogs you link to links back to you.

Submit your blog to any site that collects and link to blogs.