Conversion rates optimization

Conversion rate optimization – step 3

Part 3 of 3 in a series of posts about conversion rate optimization. How to increase your transaction frequency and your sales.

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Obstacles and solutions in Conversion rate optimization.

Through small changes you can increase the transaction frequency and hence the sale. Most barriers are not seen as important by the website owner, however, it can make drastic differences. I want to mention a few of the most common obstacles that customers encounter.

  1. User-friendly design

    Conversion rates optimization

    Make sure to have a user-friendly design. The page must be easy to navigate and easy to understand for all types of visitors. A rule of thumb I use is that a 80-year-old grandmother who rarely uses the computer to be able to place an order. By improving usability, you will not have to support answering unnecessary questions, and customers do not have to wait for a response. Is there anything unclear, the customer can give up and go to someone else. Everything should be crystal clear.

  2. Highlight phone numbers
    Place the support number at the top of the page without having to scroll. It creates security and visitors will not bother to look through several pages to get in touch with someone at the company. That brings trust and make sure to be there when needed.
  3. Ask for as little information as possible
    Everyone hates to fill out lots of forms or register on every page. So be sure to ask for as little information as possible. Do you have a business that want leads, make sure to only ask the most basic and follow up more gradually. An online store can increase completion rates by reducing the information requested at checkout. The rule of thumb is, the smaller the field the better. As it goes faster and the customer slips through and it leads to a conclusion. If it is important to get more voluntary information from the customer, it is good to have a form after ordering.
  4. Remove all distracting content
    By removing all disturbing content, customers think it’s quicker to finish. Remove unnecessary navigation, advertising and images around eg. cash flow that serves no purpose for the task the customer must achieve. Ensure that the customer is focused on completing the contact information and finish their order and not to be distracted by anything else.
  5. Pull down the number of steps
    Many cash flows use far too many steps. By pulling down on the number of steps the flow can be much faster and the customer comes to a goal. Rule of thumb is the fewer steps, the better. Occasionally, two step flow to the confirmed order. Show total prices cart including shipping and any handling fees before clients must sign in information. It also reduces the chance that the customer gives up on all the information is in place in the early stage, which in turn leads to more sales.
  6. Relevant landing page for campaigns
    When advertising on search engines, it is of utmost importance to use a relevant landing page. When a visitor clicks on the ad, it shall be sent forthwith to the product or campaign in question. Studies show that you have 10 seconds to capture the visitor’s interest. Save money by not sending all traffic to the front page.
  7. Increase confidence with well-known brands
    Creating a good first impression and trust are very important to convert new customers. Therefore, make sure to use well-known logos of VISA, MasterCard or other payment solutions. Given that you use the services. Tests have shown that a customer who recognize a brand is more willing to purchase because it increases the security of the cash flow.
  8. More payment options
    By offering as many payment solutions as possible you make it easier for the customer to buy. It includes, among other things, credit card, bank payment, invoice and delivery. Despite the extra costs, it leads to extra sales.
  9. Grammar and Texts
    To review the language and grammar of the text is more important than you might think. People notice typos which is perceived as frivolous. Write detailed texts for each product or service to avoid losing customers who can not get in touch and ask. Use a strong headline to attract the customer. The differences between good and bad copywriting is huge. One tip is to hire a copywriter who can write-selling texts.
  10. Test, measure, repeat
    Some things work better than others. It is required that you try your way. Make changes and then measure the results. Make changes again and compare with the previous one. You can always make improvements and not rely on that one way is the best. It is best until proven otherwise.

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