Conversion optimisation makes all the difference for your online sales


There are many areas on a website where visitors are lost. Every page has the opportunity to cost you valuable sales where people just leave. On most websites it is often the same pages too.

Stop losing sales

I will show you how to prevent this ‘sales leakage’ and improve the key pages on your site to achieve the best number of click-thrus, add-to-baskets and basket conversions. I will show you how to structure your pages properly, what content to place on the page, what content to take off the page, where to show the vital sales information, where to position buy buttons and how to generate the most customer enquiries.

Small tweaks can make a big impact

Improving your basket conversion rate by 2%, keeping visitors on the site for 60 seconds longer or getting them to sign up for a newsletter can have a hugely positive impact on your business.

Improving Customer Confidence = More Sales

An online shop or website will work more efficiently if your customers have confidence in your products, your services, your site and you as a business. To create this confidence you need to ensure you tick all the boxes that customers want to see so they feel confident that they can trust you.

These confidence signals are made up of a mixture of design, content, messaging and familiarity. Customers expect to see a slick, well oiled website that meet’s their requirements, feels safe and sells products or services that are good quality.

Site Conversion Audit

Improving customer confidence and on-site conversion is quick and easy to implement. Our website conversion audit will highlight the areas on your site need that need improvement and how to do it for optimum benefit.

We have helped many websites across many industry sectors so we have a clear idea of what customers want to see to push those all-important buy buttons. This audit is delivered in document, or in person on a meeting, and is easy to understand, digest and follow.

Want more customers for your site?

We know how to increase traffic to your site and increase conversion rates

What is conversion rate optimisation and why should I care?

Conversion rate is a simple calculation of what percentage of website visitors that complete a predetermined action. For example it can be to place an order, join the newsletter, visits a product category or fill out forms that creates leads for your company. Conversion rate is one of the most important statistics to keep track of in e-commerce.

Conversion optimisation is all about constantly analysing visitor behavior to get the most from your online traffic and thereby increase sales or other actions that help reaching your business goals.

Why should I care about conversion rate optimisation and what is it good for?

It is extremely important to keep statistics and monitor how well the sales are. The conversion rate helps you to track how good sales are in different periods, with different ads on different products and so on. If you know what products that sells the most during particular month it is a good idea to increase the advertising budget that specific month to sell even more.

You can also see how sales increases by making different changes to the online store. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the conversion rate, if it increases or decreases in the longer term on changes and market trend,s if you want to maximize sales. If you don't analyse and understand the statistics you are probably making changes blindly without knowing whether it gets better or worse.

How to calculate your conversion rate

To calculate the conversion rate you need a few simple factors in this following calculation:

The number of orders / number of unique visitors * 100 = Conversion rate

10/1000 = 0.01 * 100 = 1
The conversion rate for this action becomes 1%.

This method works not only in online stores, but are essential to all businesses that want to measure how many visitors it takes to create a lead by filling out a contact form, download product sheets, signup for newsletter, share pages/products in social media, member recruiting etc...

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