Get to the top in Google

To get to the top of Google, that is what many think of when they hear about search engine optimization. And to some extent this is what it is all about. More important than just getting to the top, is to do it on the right search phrases. (More on setting a search strategy)

To get at the top of Google you have to select your keywords, after that there are a lot of things you need to do. You have to start to adapt your website to the selected search phrases, often it is needed quite simple but essential improvements. If the site is built right from the start and if it is built on a modern platform, you do not need to do many changes. (More on on-page optimization). What often is the long and hard work to the top of Google is link building. You need to get links to your site, in one way or another. (More on link building).

For customers who already know a lot about search engine optimization and only need help to acquire inbound links, we can offer various types of tailored solutions. Everyone who works with search engine optimization needs inbound links to enhance their own SEO work. Maybe you’ve used a good SEO consultant to optimize your site or if you need to strengthen your presence in Spain. Please contact us for more information.