Google Analytics – Analyze traffic on the website

Google Analytics is a tool that analyzes traffic on your website. Google Analytics is completely free and only requires a Google account.

Using Google Analytics you get a good overview of the traffic on your website. You can see how many visitors coming in to your site and how they got there, if they found your site via direct address, link from another site or a search engine. If the visitor comes from a search engine you’ll see what keyword they search for to find your website.

You see what page and what content that is most popular on your site.  Of course you can also see what page or content that don’t give you much traffic or if a page is hard to find. Thanks do this information you know what to prioritize.

You can easily create reports on various parts to save and make future comparisons.

If you need help to start using Google Analytics or if you need to learn more, read more here.