How to get your business undeserved alot of media and PR

Here are tips on how to get your business undeserved alot of media and PR attention without spending even one dime. This guide is not to be missed!

  • Make a PR strategy. Decide to tell us something new with frequency, preferably once a month, and then make a plan for what to tell, to who and how / which channels.
  • Take help. This is just as important as having the right technology solution. If you do not master it, you must find someone who does. Enlist the help of family and friends who are good at writing and telling. Having a PR consultant can take you a long way.
  • Storytelling is everything. What is your story? Almost everyone has an interesting story to tell. Make sure to spread it to create your brand.
  • Build up a brand, not just a business. Create a platform with multiple channels where you can meet your customers differently.
  • Be personal. It is always easier to identify with a person.
  • Find ambassadors. Even if you are the front person, it is always smart to have a few profiles associated with your product, which will help you open doors and spread your story.
  • Write press releases that arouse curiosity and about one thing at a time so you do not burn off all the power at once. Do not forget high-resolution images, audio, video or moving material as a theater.
  • Make an inquiry. Develop a unique material for your audience / area that arouses public interest, often with personal cases.
  • Invite to regular events. Reward the faithful with nice customer evenings or breakfasts, perhaps with the ability to see a new product before anyone else or invite someone as an exciting guest. And do not forget to invite your favorite contacts in the media.
  • Do not call the media and nagging. Most editors hate it when someone calls and nags. Ask a friend, sister or brother to call instead, and let them start with "I just have to tell about my sister, etc ...".

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