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How do you rank in Google?

How do you rank in Google to get as many visitors to your website as possible?
SEO Ibérica has great knowledge of professional search engine optimization (SEO) and knows how important it is to have a good position in search results. We help you with a long-term strategy to maximize your revenue from search traffic. By optimizing your site for search engines, you can create a profitable long-term SEO investment that is more cost-effective than many other types of marketing.

To master Google, you need to understand the basics:

General information on SEO

We at SEO Ibérica understand the value of getting a lot of traffic from the keywords related to one’s business, and we also know how important it is for the customer to get our trust. For those reasons, long-term search engine optimisation is the same as creating and delivering what the customer wants. There is no quick or short-term solution to stay at the top of search results for good keywords for your business. Below is a list of a few things we believe in:

  1. Write and publish content that will help your customer. Write it for the visitors, not Google or any other search engine. It would be best if you had a strategy for the content, structured it well, and built smart entry routes for potential customers through optimized categories and landing pages.
  2. Update and publish your content often with relevant information that adds substance and gives value to the readers. By being persistent and updating your content, you also give your readers a reason to return to your website. Share them in social media to maximize the chance for your content to be discovered, shared and get natural links.
  3. Set links to relevant content that gives the visitor a better experience, which applies to internal and external linking. There is almost always valuable information on other websites that can enhance or explain your content. This is something that most users want, so why not allow them to study the subject through both internal linking and external linking?
  4. Be patient and think long-term. Web optimisation and search engine optimisation are long-term jobs, do what is best for your visitors, and you will have a better chance for a better position than your competitors. There are no magic tricks to get to the top of Google. But the foundation is always; to create good content and promote it.

Current status analysis

How well-designed is your current website from an SEO perspective? We help you to analyze your situation today, what options you have, what priority you should have in SEO and even find niches for your website that are not currently being exercised.

Keyword analysis

By analysing the industry you operate in, we can help you to identify important keywords for you. We help you set up a strategy to optimise your website for the selected keywords. A thorough and well-conceived keyword analysis is fundamental to building an effective SEO strategy. In a keyword analysis, we can see how many people search for a particular service, product or subject.

On-page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is a very important part of your SEO. It ensures that code, content and URLs are optimized and constructed following standard rules and common experiences. A prerequisite for the success of so-called on-page optimisation is good knowledge of web development. Most importantly, you can build accessible websites using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Another important factor in good on-page optimisation is how to work with the website's performance. How to build your website, so it loads quickly and thus is more attractive to users and search engines.

Internal links

Another very important part of on-page optimisation is your internal links. The basis is that if it is good for your visitors, it is beneficial for your website from an SEO perspective. Getting a good and relevant internal link on your website can significantly impact your on-page optimisation. Internal links describe how and where relevant content can be found.


Today it is very important that a website loads quickly. A quick website is a cornerstone in the user experience, and it is also one of more than 200 factors that Google and other search engines value.

Inbound links

Inbound links are a quality rating for your content. It is very important to get links pointing to your website. We help you to set up strategies to create a diverse network of inbound links for the best results and stability.

SEO for mobile- and smartphones

Today more than 50% use their smartphone or tablets to search, buy and use the internet. And the use of smartphones is increasing every year. So how should you customise your website’s content and structure so that you are not penalized in the rankings from mobile phones?

We can help you set up a strategy, technology and optimisation even when your potential customers use their iPhone, iPad or Android or other types of mobile device.


Are you thinking about what the next step is for you in SEO? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation; the first hour is always free. We would love to discuss your potential and how to get there. We like our work because it helps our customers increase their sales. So do not hesitate to contact us.

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