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Let us present your International SEO checklist

It's important to invest in an effective international SEO strategy, in order to reach individuals on a global scale. In addition to market research, business plans, and other investments, it's essential to prepare and improve on a business's online visibility and traffic. Working successfully on these two factors can lead to an increase in sales coming from an international market. Translating all your website content into the specific language of choice is not enough to increase your online success. It's important to also create distinctive strategies that will assist for each language and country.

Even if your website is already reaching regions and sources that you never considered it is still important to create an international strategy. By doing this, you will be able to identify the specific markets that you are trying to reach. You should work hard on researching which countries your potential clients are likely to be in, and also which territories will be most profitable to you. Studying international buying trends is helpful, as this will allow you to determine where the highest demand for the product or service you are offering is.

Identifying potential markets

You need to perform a thorough walkthrough of which countries will have organic traffic beneficial to your business model. You will also need to check your website's current organic search visibility as seen from other countries. Most importantly you need to conduct keyword research with the languages and countries you have already identified. Whilst performing this search, you also need to examine whether the potential traffic and conversions from the additional languages and countries actually compensate for creating a new website presence for your business.

Other factors need to be considered in addition to understanding the target market. Some of these include the technical options that a business has access to, as well as, significant decisions that need to be made before updating or building a website. The website will generally need to rank high in the countries where the business will be operating while the pages will need to appear correctly in the required language. The website will also need to be user-friendly and provide a good experience overall.

It is also very important to consider the culture and ethics of the countries that you are targeting. You need to be very careful and mindful when executing your content strategies. Research the laws and rights of the chosen regions. Work on localising your website by altering your content and branding so that it is suitable for your particular audience. Localisation can also influence your website design as word lengths may vary for specific languages; meaning your layout may need to be fixed. Other design changes could be images, slogans, and catchphrases.

International SEO checklist: Keyword research

Keyword research involves finding and analyzing search terms that people enter into search engines in order to reach your website. The insight that you receive from these search terms may help mould your content strategy and your larger marketing strategy. Keywords are essential when it comes to reaching individuals users. It is important to implement keywords which match a person's search as it is a ranking factor. It is also crucial to discover and make use of the less obvious keywords that have led people to your site.

Once you have a clear understanding of all the keywords that your customers use to reach your website, it is not wise to instantly translate them from one language to another. Words can have different contextual meanings when translated into different languages. Unless you are fluent in the language you are translating into, you are unlikely to know the exact context of the keywords. There will also be country-specific words and terms which would not benefit from being translated. International keywords should be identified by using professional translation agencies.

A notable multilingual SEO research service provider will not depend on word-for-word translations of the existing SEO strategy. The service provider would rather conduct research that is targeted at the specific language, so unique elements such as slang and accents are accounted for during the translation process. They also have to select the most relevant phrases and words that suit your business. It is also important for them to analyze how the selected keywords can be best found by the website searchers in other languages.

Localising all branding and website content

It is very essential to select a domain strategy that will highly impact your international SEO strategy. Different countries have particular domains reserved in order to be easily identifiable. These domain extensions (.de, .fr) help with geolocation tags but as they're independent it will require more effort to boost the site's popularity and increase its ranking. If you have a domain that is generic such as .com or .org, you will be able to rank higher. It is highly recommended to use a professional SEO agency to figure out which domain strategy works best.

Selecting your domain strategy goes hand in hand with localising your website content and structure. Designing and redesigning your site to suit your audience may include displaying dates, currencies and times correctly in the local format. Take a country's cultural and historical context into consideration so that the business's website reads naturally and is easy to use. For example, though Portuguese can be spoken in both Brazil and Portugal, the two websites would appear very different since they would reflect things such as local dialects and unique customs of each of the countries.

Once you have completed adjusting your pages in different languages and countries; you have the option of using hreflang tags so that Google is aware of the language changes made. The tags assist the searchers to reach the version of the website that is best suitable for them. Hreflang tags help in showing the language or region-specific content, increasing ranking. It is important to make sure that these tags are implemented correctly in order to avoid duplicate content problems. Your international SEO will be on the right track.

Pros and Cons of Localisation

Pros of localisation

  • Tailored personal service for each country
  • Increased international client base
  • Ability to adapt to each country
  • Greater visibility
  • Possibility to discover new opportunities and areas of growth

Cons of localisation

  • High budget costs to create and implement strategies
  • Relying on translators and working in languages foreign to you
  • Challenging to get the translation correct

SEO is a key marketing tool

SEO is a key marketing tool but it can sometimes be forgotten or neglected. Its value should not be underestimated. Whilst regular advertising has more visual impact, the benefits of SEO are far-reaching and long-lasting. Customers may not even realise how they have been guided to your website by SEO, this also facilitates forming strong relationships with your clients. By looking at what has brought them to your site, you will be able to have a clear insight into their needs and wants, allowing you to better provide for them.

Having a strong understanding of your customer is key, especially when you are working internationally. This international insight is invaluable especially when testing new markets where you don't yet have a local office or staff. Seeing the keywords used by your customers is almost as if you are able to look into their thought process. It will enable you to spot trends and anomalies in specific markets that you wouldn't have been able to access via more traditional marketing methods. It can also help inform the growth of your business.

Even though creating consistent content and plugging in keywords can be a lot of work, it is well worth it as you will be able to reach your target audience more effectively. It is also important to create various types of content, in order to place yourself as a leader in your particular business. It is vital that your content is engaging, and so make sure to add elements such as images, infographics, and videos. These elements will enable your users to stay on your website longer and have a fun experience.

Monitoring SEO

In order to gain SEO success, all the efforts placed should be measured. This will aid in refining and tweaking your international strategy. It is important to hire a professional team that will track everything accordingly. It is important to establish your website and your client end goals at the start of your project. Once these goals have been set metrics can be put into place in order to evaluate and figure out how they will be met. Knowing your business's conversion rate is vital so that you can determine your return on investment (ROI).

The main goal is to be the top priority in searchers' searches. You need to be ranking as well as getting traffic towards your website. Tools such as Google Analytics help view traffic to your site. It will show any changes in traffic (high or low), user numbers, sessions, and page views. Tracking this information can provide accurate insights on how well your website has been optimized and how it is performing. By checking all this information you will now be able to determine which changes you need to put in place.

Finding opportunities within your SEO strategy will allow your business to have a better understanding of the quality of your content and the current position it holds in search engines. A lot of success in SEO lies in having a concise and organised plan. Planning out SEO tasks and executing them in a timely manner is key. Creating and using methods such as calendars, daily planners, schedule software can be components in measuring your progress and effectiveness. Keeping a close eye to these factors will help iron out any issues early on.

Communication in SEO planning

SEO planning and implementation is a long term project and can take up to 3 to 6 months. It is important for both the client and agency to communicate transparently; that there is a lot of SEO work strategy being worked on behind the scenes. The agency will provide snippets, screenshots, and reports indicating where the improvements have been made. Consistently sharing information helps in showing where the key wins and losses are. Both parties will establish a strong relationship when pushing the clients' international SEO strategy.

SEO techniques to drive traffic

Finding engaging ways to keep your users on your website will prove that it is both useful and effective to your potential client. To increase organic ranking, content must be optimized in order for it to be readable. Hiring a skilled copywriter can help capture your reader's interest. Longer content, for example, will equal to a higher ranking. Make your content straightforward and use the necessary keywords. Additionally, analyzing and improving your website page designs in essential. The user experience should constantly be improved on; users should not have a difficult time navigating your website.

Maintaining your international SEO checklist

Once you have successfully implemented your SEO strategy and you're ranking on search engines, you will now need to determine if you need to improve on your keywords. You will examine whether you need to use more keywords or continue to maintain the optimization of your website. Many factors will come into play but usually, clients will decide to continue tweaking and expanding on their SEO strategy. It is also important to have a look at competitors to see what others in your industry are doing. This will aid in increasing visibility.

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