International SEO tips

A brief introduction to international SEO tips

International SEO is a great stepping stone for your global business exposure. It allows you to optimize your business site by enabling your search engine to identify your target countries and the languages. Utilizing this tool on your website is advantageous to your business in that it is cost-effective and also an amicable way of growing your business. You can easily reach your desired foreign target market without aiming at a consumers location.

This marketing tool is a crucial segment of digital marketing for a business that wants growth in revenue, international leads, website visits and conversion rates. Getting such positive results requires time, effort and resources. Additionally, there are some fundamental tips that should be followed for a business to triumph in the global market. Such tips include conducting keyword research, Language targeting, creating essential URL pages, incorporating cultural designs, allowing mobile phone search and engaging different language translators.

Carry out a keyword research

Keyword research plays a major role in international SEO as it enables you to pinpoint the most used words by people on search engines such as Google. It is a great tool for a marketer as it gives you the opportunity to comprehend better the rate of demand for some definite keywords as well as the capacity to identify the toughness of challenging phrases in the worldwide competitors' search engine.

Keyword research enables you to get the appropriate keywords for your marketing campaign, thus driving your business to the most crucial leads. The internet provides you with various search tools that assist you in landing on the perfect keywords. One of the best keyword research tools is the long tail one that gives you the best outcome for your search advancement. Long-tail keywords give you specific information about the exact things that consumers anticipate from the marketers.

Once you get the perfect keywords, you can use them in your website and allow your search engine to use them as you prepare to translate them into languages suitable for your target market. This will attract the correct traffic and once you get many leads searching for particular keywords on your website, you will know that they are fascinated by your business. However, you have to keep on updating the keywords with the changing search topography.

Language targeting as international SEO tips

Another great tip of a successful international SEO is language targeting. It is advisable to choose languages that are spoken in many countries such as English, French and Arabic, for you to reach a broad target market. Indicate on your website the languages you are offering your services in, with the help of tags such as hreflang. Such tags inform google search about the language you want to be installed on website pages.

Make use of some particular codes such as the ISO 639-1 which should be used on sitemaps, HTTP headers and markup pages for proper language display. However, in cases where you have to merge different languages, ensure that the language on the website pages aligns with the language on the title and content. Additionally, avoid directing users automatically to specific languages concerning their location as they may be visitors unfamiliar with the location’s language.

To make language selection easy, set up an icon on your website that asks the user their preferred language. This way, they can choose from various language options offered on the website. You can also use the binary option to avoid location-based targeting, by setting up a default language on your website browser. This will allow anybody visiting a foreign country with a different language to use the website in their native language.

Creating URL's pages

It is essential to create different URL pages on your website for your international target market. The URL’s directs your target market straight to what they are searching for and are easy to understand and use with just a click on them. Moreover, they allow you to establish various sites targeting different markets. You can hire an IT expert to create for you the main URL for your website that includes Subdirectory, CCTLD and Subdomain directory.

Once your URL’s have been installed on your website, you will notice that the CCTLD automatically shows the country which your website is registered under. It comes with an abbreviation such as “”, which users can easily identify with. This is a great tool for international SEO since it has a link to the target country and allows clients in various countries to visit local websites. More, it is easy to understand and use by consumers globally.

Another great URL is the subdirectory which also directs consumers to particular languages with abbreviations such as “”. You can also choose to use the subdomain directory which is easy to identify with parameters such as This directory inherits the international SEO brand and concurrently ranks the utility of the websites main domain. However, it has some flaws in that it might lead to loss of some regional aspect in some search sequel.

Pros and cons

International SEO pros

  • International SEO enhances consumers experience with the global business establishment and repetitive customer site visitation
  • Enhanced conversion rate

International SEO cons

  • Incorrect country language
  • Wrong Hreflang execution

Avoiding machine translation

It would be wrong and misleading to rely 100% on machine translation for your international SEO folios. Although it might seem like a simple technique to translate your pages from one language to another, you might end up with very wrong translations that make no sense to the onlookers. This can lead to a definite loss of traffic which intern leads to low conversion rates due to the language mishap.

To avoid this, you can hire professional translators or specific country natives for the languages that you intend to use in your website. This will not only cost you some extra money but also assist you in getting the accurate translation for your website pages. With sensible content that specific country people can understand and relate with, your site will drawback traffic and proper leads that will be beneficial to your international SEO.

Apart from translating your website's content into different target market languages, International SEO market has a high demand for extra, as it wants more engaging and resonating content. Due to this, you can adapt transcreation which allows you to use marketing texts of different languages and cultures while keeping the native context and intention untempered with. This will give your business a chance to compete in a much effective manner against other global competitors.

Culture design

You can only fully utilize your international SEO plan by adding consumers culture on your business website which gives consumers a sense of identity and belonging. Culture in this sense includes things that are familiar and common to your audiences such as their local language, time zones and transaction currency. Therefore, it is crucial that you incorporate the right culture into your website design for your target market, for better and much satisfactory experience.

In order to achieve this, you first need to format your website appropriately with things that are particular to your target audience in their respective regions. Add some staff like contact information, addresses and time zones that are properly formatted. This will definitely create a flawless experience to your audience as they can easily relate as well as an enormous impact on your business , with more leads and high conversion rates all over the world.

Colours are also part of website design and should be incorporated with regard to the international SEO country preference. Therefore, you should conduct ample research on different countries and find out how they perceive certain colours. This will give you a green light on which colours to use for each country as what may work for one country may not be desirable in another country. The same applies to other website designs.

Other signal tips

In addition to using URL’s, you can also host your business website on the local IP address to target audience from specific countries. You can make use of a dedicated IP address for your website for great performance with fast loading speed. This leads to fast search website arrivals, regardless of your location. With the use of the dedicated IP address, you will not have to worry about your website crash when there is huge traffic on it.

Using mobile platforms

With the worldwide usage of smartphones and the internet, it would be beneficial to make use of mobile search engines which are currently overtaking the desktop. With proper research, you will notice that audience from countries such as the US and Japan often use their phones to search for products and services. Therefore, you should optimize mobile user experience for your global target market in that they can access everything with the same density as that of the desktop.

Conclusion on international SEO tips

Finally, for your business to thrive in international SEO, keep copying of other companies doing at bay. In cases where your competitors fail terribly due to incorporating wrong approaches, research about their mistakes and learn from them. Later, use this research to come up with a self-made content plan that is more attractive to the international audience. Showcase your products, services and keyword long-tail search questions in the FAQ section that will attract traffic for your business.

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