It is the SEO Title that counts

To end up high in the search results on search engines is the goal of anyone with a website or that sells something online. We look through the first page in about 0.3 seconds, and we do not find what we are looking for, we do a new search. Here we give you some important tips and advice on how you actually end up high on the search list.

For good results in the search engines – It is the title that counts!

Making use of online services for press releases can be a great way to get a high organic placement in search engines like Google.

You can quickly and easily post a press release in various press release services. There are many free services to publish press releases. Some offers a 30 days free trial and then you can choose to upgrade if you want but it is entirely voluntary.

Be sure the title you chose for your press release as a relevant search phrase. Press release services often have alot of trust in search engines. So if you do it good you can get a good posistion on Google’s first page.

For example, instead of writing “buy your presents online” it would probably be more searches for “buy Christmas gifts online”. This can be a way to boost your traffic during a short period of time. After a while the post will fall further down in the results.

Spend some time to figure out a really good title for your press release as well as it sounds good, and may correspond to a popular search.

When we search the internet we often use a more laconic language than when we write lyrics so you can look for a version that fits both purposes. The same principle applies to blogs. If you have a blog, try to find one of the titles that you have on any posts you make, provided there are at least two words in any case. Many times you end up near the top of the search.

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