Local Search Optimisation

Local Search Optimisation - important!

All business is local is an old principle that, in today’s globalisation, would be less correct than ever. But in the search engine world, it is the opposite: the search results are getting more localised, and you often get results with maps and photos, sometimes without adding local keywords like “Balearic Islands” in the search phrase. If you are logged in to your Google Account, chances are that you’ve shared your location at any time - and the search engine uses that information to provide you with local search results.

It is even clear if you search from a mobile phone using any localisation ability. Most modern smartphones come with GPS; even with the phone turned off, it can do pretty decent estimates through exchanges and local networks. The information is sent to the search engine if you are on any island in the Balearic and search for “coffee shop”; chances are that the top hits are coffee shops near your position.

Which companies should take advantage of local searches?

All, of course. Although the case of a search on online services, mail order goods or perhaps pure information without any physical address (like a blog), you will increase your visibility by registering the address on Google Places. Or by all means, on Bing and Yahoo similar services, they call their services “Local”. It costs nothing and should be natural in building your Internet presence if Google and their colleagues continue to pump out the localised search results.

In addition, to register your address with the search engines, you should also optimise your website for local searches. Always ensure that you are included in local searches. Optimising for each location, city, or region is essential if you have branch offices in other cities. Good ‘on-page optimised’ materials mentioning the site and attractive inbound links relevant to the city/place in the anchor text are a good start.

We help you with visibility on local searches!

There are many local searches in the most diverse business areas, and there are more than 100 million searches every year on Mallorca-related search phrases. Read more about our concept of local search for Mallorca; SEO Mallorca.

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