Make your business successfull online

For a business there is a huge market to go for online. If you have an idea and want to start an online business or if you just started and want to have some great tips. Do not miss our tips in how to make your business successfully online!

  1. Allow customers to provide feedback, ask for feedback in ex. social media.
  2. Spend as little money initially as possible and be cost effective. Also think in long-term and expect that it will take time.
  3. Extreme willingness to change. After running for 3-4 months and it does not work, you have to be willing to change. Why isn’t visitors buying? Why isn’t the customer comming back? Why don’t they buy more? What products do they buy and why? Keep in mind that there won’t be as you wanted in 98 percent of cases.
  4. There are no sacred cows, persistence is the biggest mistake of a classic entrepreneur who is passionate about his basic idea.
  5. Be clear about your goals. Are you going to conquer the world, or do you want to fulfill your dreams? If you want to conquer the world it usually means that you have to bring in other talented people. Is it high risk and little money, you need to share ownership and your influence. Are you taking in too much money, you have no influence at all, but you have a greater opportunity to conquer the world. Face it.
  6. Discuss different scenarios before they happen and make plans for how they should be treated. How long can you cope without your salary? How will the money be invested? Be very careful to control situations before they occur in order to avoid conflicts.
  7. Humor is the single most important tip for success in any form of business. Do not take everything so damn seriously! Don’t work with people without self-distance.
  8. Build up your team with people who have the same values but different skills.
  9. Always be open to employees, customers and potential investors. Unless your employees know the conditions they will underperform.
  10. Create your site for the customer and what you sell, not for what you think is neat.

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