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  • Digital Strategy & Discovery
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Analytics, SEO & Content Strategy


  • Web/Mobile Design
  • UX strategy
  • Wireframes & Prototypes


  • WordPress Development
  • Bespoke Web Development
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support

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Online marketing agency: internet advertising, SEO, SEM, web & analytics

Online marketing is the most effective and profitable way of achieving visibility for companies’ websites. A successful campaign increase website traffic, awareness of your brand and sales.

We offer bespoke online marketing services to businesses based in Mallorca. Our focus in online marketing is search engine marketing (SEO & Adwords), web design and conversion optimsation.

We strengthen your online presence and competitiveness and ensure your Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Marketing that increases the loyalty of clients, contacts, followers and conversions
  • Improve the image of your brand.
  • Campaign reports highlighting the development and expenses; allowing you to monitor marketing costs.
  • Continuous research of new and innovative ideas to improve your products.
  • Qualified and professional online marketing consultant; always updated on new trends of online marketing

Our internet marketing allows you to gain competitiveness, increase online presence and make strategic decisions for other marketing and business actions. We’re always focused towards the return of your investment.

Professional services in online marketing

The majority of traffic starts in search engines (Google has over 90% market share in Europe). Each year there are more than 100 000 000 searches in Google on Mallorca related search phrases. So a good position on relevant search phrases, means you can get significant increase of traffic to your website. Mallorca is a very international island, so it is important to adapt the strategy for each targeted country. The strategy and competitors vary significantly if you work local, national or international.


We love Mallorca!

We want to help local businesses in Mallorca to improve their visibility online. We understand the importance of a good online strategy and our method has been proven in reality. It doesn’t matter if your business are B2B or B2C, all businesses can benefit from better positions in Google, more traffic and better conversion.

Since we are based in Mallorca we understand the competitive situation and the challenges and opportunities. We know what changes are happening and how you as an entrepreneur or business owner can take advantage of always staying one step ahead of your competition.

To reach the full potential in your online investments you need to think of the hole concept. From idea, analysis, implementation and follow-up. We will guide and educate you to help you reach your goals. If we understand your business goals, we can help to set the strategy for a successful investment in online marketing.

Tell us your business objectives and we’ll carry out a bespoke solution focused on online marketing services for your Mallorca company.



Our key strength lies in the ability to provide realistic and proven advice to launch (if you are new) and grow your online business. I will analyse your business objectives and explain the most efficient and affordable way to attract more targeted people to your website, who will then buy from you.




We have extensive experience that spans across a variety of online sectors so we can safely transfer knowledge and proven techniques to open up new opportunities. Most important, everything we do is customer-friendly and Google-friendly so you can be sure your online business is in safe hands.




We will only recommend strategies that fit your budget, time and resources you have available. We are one of the leading Internet marketing agencys in Mallorca and we have a very strong track record of sales growth. We have also helped some great online brands to blossom.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It isn’t just about being number 1 on Google. It’s about getting to number 1 for the right search terms and the right audience who will buy from you. That is how you will grow your sales.


User friendly web design

We are a team of excellent website designers who are experienced, affordable and who deliver a first-class standard of work. We know how to deliver a well-designed, professional website that will help reaching your business goals.



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Transparent, results & knowledge




We help small & large businesses with things like SEO, SEM, CMS, CRO, GA, GSC and other related acronyms. Above all, we focus on our clients business goals. We want to be our customers’ partner for online marketing and sales initiatives online.


Having a successful online business requires tangible results, ex. create more sales, reaching new customer groups or to improve operational efficiency. Our customers operate in many different areas, some are local in Mallorca, other offers their services and some sell their products online internationally. Jointly they regularly ask us to improve their online visibility and results. Our business model is based on close and long-standing relationships with our customers, big or small.

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