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We are based in Mallorca (Spain), but work with clients all over Europe. Our services in SEO and web design help you to profile your website in search engines. We always have our focus in search engine optimization (SEO) in every initiative we do.


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Achieving successful SEO is all about getting your website found by the right audience. You may have a great looking website that you have spent lots of money on. But if you can’t attract visitors, you will struggle to make your online business a success. As a proven SEO agency, we use clever SEO strategies to get your site in front of the right people on the right searches.


Why do I need an SEO Consultant from Mallorca?

If your website traffic is low, then you probably not appearing in front of enough potential customers. If you have loads of traffic from search engines, but your conversion rate is low, you probably attracted the wrong type of traffic.

As an experienced SEO agency, we can help you. We want to understand how you should be using your website to target potential customers. We use the right techniques and explain what we do. Our activities that will make a real difference to your Google ranking and your sales revenue.


How are we different from other SEO agencies in Mallorca?

SEO can be done in different ways. Effective SEO is about ticking all the boxes in the right way to reach the right customer. Our approach is clear and simple. We will never make promises of unrealistic results and there are no secretive techniques. We are completely transparent in our work. We help you identify the right keywords you need to target to attract the right traffic. We then implement the necessary changes on your website for maximum impact. We use a number of clever strategies that are both achievable and affordable. Our SEO strategies are Google-safe and there are no short cuts in quality.


How we do SEO

SEO is all about getting traffic from the organic search result on profitable keywords. Profitable search phrases and keywords usually already have competition. We have the knowledge and experience.

Our SEO service is devided in four steps. They do not necessarily needs to be in this particular order. We always do wahts best for each individual project.

  • Keyword Analysis

The first thing needed in every successful SEO project is keyword analysis. We want to understand how people are searching to find your different products or services. Based on this information we propose a strategy and important keywords for the SEO project. Together we choose how we should priorytise. In addition to selecting the correct keywords that will be profitable for you, we find clouds of words to achieve maximum visibility. Related words often gives as much sales as the main keywords.

  • On-page

Review of the site, based on the keyword analysis. When we know what type of search phrases we want to target, we need to make sure the website is relevant. We go through the site thoroughly and make suggestions for improvements. This may involve changes in the text, navigation, general structure, and more. We continuously work to improve the site, along with you. Usually by agreeing on a strategy for some number of months at a time. We give you input on what you, on your side needs to do and we also provide the support we can provide.

  • Creating authority

Google judges your site’s popularity by measuring the links pointing from other webpages. We create a strong and sustainable linkprofile for your website. This is what makes the difference and gives results. Creating links is what taked most time, and it needs to. In terms of authority, there is always more to do. Ever link gives a little stronger site.

  • Reporting and monitoring

Of course, we report regularly (monthly) and monitor what happens.


SEOIberica  +34 634362533


If you want to learn more about SEO, I recommend to start reading below.

Google SEO fundamentals

The term ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search, as it is sometimes called, refers to the way your website is listed in search engine page results without having to pay for it. Every public website on the internet is listed in the search engines somewhere but with the millions of sites competing for the same space it is often seen as difficult to rank highly. This is why businesses spend vast sums of money on paying for adwords to get above their competitors. If you have an effective SEO strategy in place you can achieve high positions in the ‘natural’ listings for many of your keyword search terms and start generating revenue from it.

SEO tips & tricks

To get effective results you need to be clever about how you optimise your website, both regarding traffic and conversion.

Your website should be fully optimised for search terms and key phrases that your customer would be using to find you. These keywords may not even be that obvious. Some people are too close to their own business to really know what their customers are searching for. Once you know these search phrases you can begin to craft you business around them.

Now, imagine owning a website that is fully optimised for Google and reaches the right audience. The people who find your website are the right people which means more will convert.

To achieve this, you need to address the following areas:

  • Coding your website for SEO

    Search engines view your website in two ways. They search the code behind the pages to find various pieces of information and they also search the content on the page to gain an understanding regarding the context of what the page is about. Both are vitally important which means your pages need to be constructed so the search engines can understand the different elements, read them and be able to index them for a great ranking.
    If you are a non-technical marketer or business owner then you can either call me for help & advice.

  • Writing website content for maximum SEO

    Search engines assign a rank to your website based on a large number of factors. One of the major factors used in the ranking process is your website content. If your website is full of targeted, relevant and keyword-rich web copy, that is structured in the right way, then your website will perform strongly and should rank in a high position.
    Effective web copy should be factually useful, relevant and designed to engage your visitor. The content must be structured with keyword-rich headings and body copy making it easy for the search engines to digest and index.

  • Keyword Analysis for SEO

    Keywords or phrases are the search terms that people enter when using search engines. These terms form the foundations of your website’s content and are perhaps the most important factor you need to take into account. It is all too easy to think that just because you know what subject your website is about that your customers and the search engines will know. You should ask yourself:

    What are your potential customers searching for in search engines?
    What are the latest search term trends for your business?
    Where are the low competition search term opportunities?
    What search terms do you choose to target and why?
    How many search terms should you choose?

    If you get this part wrong, it could fundamentally damage or ruin your online business.

What is Local SEO?

It is often pretty easy to make money on good local SEO. The search phrase “SEO Mallorca” is a typical example of Local SEO.

Getting a top position on the search phrase “Product/Service and Location” is often a quite easy way to find new customers and the search volume is often higher than you think. At the same time the competition is often lower which can give you a good ROI (return of investment). Today there is not many SEO agencies that offer Local SEO and the best way is often to search for it in Google or get a reference from someone else. SEO Ibérica can provide local SEO to any area, not only Mallorca.

Why local SEO is necessary

Local SEO is about targeting visitors searching for a hairdressers, restaurants, lawyers or any other business that want to attract visitors from a specific area, city or town. Products or services in a combination with a city or area name, will probably not give as much traffic as if you would get if you ranked for only the product or service name, but the quality of the traffic is often be better. Many still like to meet their partner from time to time. And if you are a restaurant, hairdresser or massage studio that have a physical store, you are in  many ways limited to the nearest area and for this reason it is even more important that you can attract all possible clients.

We based in Mallorca and we have many of our clients here. But SEO is not only local SEO, many of our clients work on an national and international level.  Since we like meeting our clients and partners we want to give an extra focus to our home market.

Our SEO skills

This post shows you an example how we benefit form targeting our home market (Mallorca), with our service (SEO). We want companies and organisations in Mallorca who search for our service in Google to find us. For this reason this page page is optimised to rank for the search term “SEO Mallorca“. We will probably not get a lot of traffic, but that is not our main priority. For us the most important is that we can help local Mallorca companies in getting more traffic and more sales thru their website.

Even if the competition in many cases is lower on Local SEO, the SEO methodology is the same.  We still need to understand;

  • … why aren’t your website ranking today
  • … why do your competitors rank on the selected search phrases?
  • … and finally, what do we need to do to get your website over your competitors.

Hopefully, this article has proven that our local SEO works. You probably searched for “SEO Mallorca” and found us thru Google.

Some of our Mallorca based clients we helped with SEO!


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Having a successful online business requires tangible results, ex. create more sales, reaching new customer groups or to improve operational efficiency. Our customers operate in many different areas, some are local in Mallorca, other offers their services and some sell their products online internationally. Jointly they regularly ask us to improve their online visibility and results. Our business model is based on close and long-standing relationships with our customers, big or small.

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