Fredrik Norrbin, interviewed by The Local

‘The whole mañana mañana attitude is over’ This week in My Spanish Career we talk to Swedish sun lover Fredrik Norrbin about setting up a search engine optimization (SEO) business in Majorca and how Spanish red tape isn’t as bad as everyone makes out.

Local Search - Mallorca Cap Formentor

Local Search Optimisation

Local Search Optimisation – important! All business is local is an old principle that in today’s globalisation would be less correct than ever. But in the search engine world, it is the opposite: the search results is getting more localized and you often get results with maps and photos, sometimes without adding local keywords like…

Don't get stressed

Avoid unnecessary trends

To always focus on the newest trends in marketing can be like an illness that can infect small businesses or a marketing managers daily workload. You read or get approached by a skilled salesman about a new technology or service and instantly you need to have it integrated into your own marketing strategy. You prefer…


How to sell more online

Online sales reach new heights every year and for small business owners it is a great opportunity to grab a piece of the pie. The key is called the trust of customers – which you can learn all about in this guide. Online marketing can be an achilles heel that you must master – to…


How to get your business undeserved alot of media and PR

Here are tips on how to get your business undeserved alot of media and PR attention, without spending even one dime. This guide is not to be missed! Make a PR strategy. Decide to tell us something new with frequency, preferably once a month, and then make a plan for what to tell, to who…

Professional website design in Spain


Many of you have probably been told that most people who use Google click on the organic list (SEO). I have heard figures that up to 70% of Google’s users click on the organic list. It depends certainly on who you talked to and where they have their greatest interest. So where do people click…

SEO & Web agency in Spain based on Mallorca

SEO for e-commerce

SEO for E-Commerce vs. SEO for regular sites SEO for e-commerce does not differ that much on SEO for regular sites, but there are usually more opportunities to Long Tail optimization and a greater requirement for conversion. Conversion and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to e-commerce, and both parts must be carried…


Google Analytics – Analyze traffic on the website

Google Analytics is a tool that analyzes traffic on your website. Google Analytics is completely free and only requires a Google account. Using Google Analytics you get a good overview of the traffic on your website. You can see how many visitors coming in to your site and how they got there, if they found your site…


Cause and effect

Cause and effect is important to understand A big advantage of doing business online is that the accessibility of statistics is very high. Are you running your company with a base online then you know much more about your customers than in a traditional business. However, you have to translate the statistics with caution and…


Google Alerts

Keep up to date with Google Alerts! If you blog or if you are interested about a certain topic, market or product. It can be beneficial to know what is written and who is writing about your topic, right? Google has a useful free tool for this service, Google alerts. Get started with Google Alerts: Go…