office in Mallorca, ParcBit

Moving business to new office in Mallorca, ParcBit

SEO Ibérica has moved their business to a new office in ParcBit on Mallorca. The new office is a step to create a modern and flexible business that best support the business goals and vision. The office is characterized by creativity, simplicity and cost effectiveness. Operations will be conducted through activity based flexible workplaces and…


Fredrik Norrbin, interviewed by The Local

‘The whole mañana mañana attitude is over’ This week in My Spanish Career we talk to Swedish sun lover Fredrik Norrbin about setting up a search engine optimization (SEO) business in Majorca and how Spanish red tape isn’t as bad as everyone makes out.

Don't get stressed

Avoid unnecessary trends

To always focus on the newest trends in marketing can be like an illness that can infect small businesses or a marketing managers daily workload. You read or get approached by a skilled salesman about a new technology or service and instantly you need to have it integrated into your own marketing strategy. You prefer…


10 small application tips

At SEO Ibérica we are looking for a sales consultant in SEO & web design on Mallorca. This is great fun and involves a large number of applications to go through. Many of the applications are good but some people do, in my view som small errors. Our 10 small  application tips: Choose a personal…