Online marketing education Spain

We always need more education and training. Although SEO Ibérica are involved in online marketing all time, we must acquire further training on the subject to stay in front of our competitors. We are happy to share our knowledge with those who need it.
Education is for success

Education for in-house marketing departments

Please contact us to discuss further how we can help you with the knowledge you need. Below is a selection of the courses we have created. We offer various educations for various needs and levels.

SEO Education for Web editors:
Our training for web editors are focusing on content, not technology or theory. This course is an introduction to the concepts and tools related to SEO that can be applied to editors, content managers and others who work with content on a website.
‘SEO Education for Web editors’

SEO Education for the Management:
The Internet has become an inevitable market channel to use for almost all companies, regardless of industry or size. Of course it is also important for senior management and CEO. We offer courses that provide business leaders and CEO, in-depth understanding of all aspects, from SEO to the analysis, necessary for effective Internet marketing strategy with results – in a marketing perspective.
‘SEO Education for the Management’

Education in Google Analytics:
Insight and understanding of how people find, act, and leaves your site is very important for a successful investment in an internet campaign. We offer education in the leading analytical tool, Google Analytics.
Education in Google Analytics

PPC Education:
With help of sponsored search results you can quickly and easily reach thousands of people searching on the Internet. But as easy as it is to launch your first campaign, as easy it is to spend the entire budget without results. We train you in the competences required for a successful campaign.
PPC Education

Education in Conversion Optimization:
A button that is misleading, a title with the wrong message or a cart that is confusing. All these points can be directly decisive on the number of visitors to a site that completes the stated business objective. We can train you in how you can design your site for maximum business value.
Education in Conversion Optimization

Customized online marketing education:
For organizations with a strong presence on the Internet who want to take a comprehensive approach to their internet marketing and all its facets, we can offer tailored and customized courses with just that content and the level you desire.
Customized online marketing education