SEO Education for the Management

SEO Education for the management is a perfect way to increase knowledge and stay ahead and updated in whats new and important in SEO. The Internet has become an inevitable marketing channel for almost all companies. Therefore, it is, regardless of industry and size, an important issue for business leaders and CEO. The website and online marketing is no longer something to be operated by individual staff in the organization. The initiatives online must be anchored with responsibility, target values and analysis.

With our education ‘SEO Education for the Management’, we want to give people in leading positions the understanding of how a structured action plan for the site can support strategic and business objectives with financial control.

Our courses and workshops are available in two versions. One for those with limited or no knowledge in Search engine optimization and one for those who already have a basic understanding of Search engine optimization. Of course, we also customize our educations on your needs and skills.

What we focus on in SEO Education for the Management:

  • The market is moving
  • Business objectives and milestones on a website
  • What should you expect from a website and what do you expect from suppliers
  • Further development of the site shall be one continuous process
  • Measurability to continually measure how your web venture performance

Contact us for a meeting where we can discuss how to formulate an education that gives you the best possible results.