SEO Education for Web editors

SEO Education for web editors is a perfect way to increase knowledge and stay ahead and updated in whats new and important in SEO. Many times, Search engine optimization (SEO) gets very technical. But many times it is not a technician working on the site, often it is someone without the technical knowledge that updates the website with content.

The education,’SEO Education for web editors’ is therefore focusing on the content. It is an introduction to the concepts for SEO that can be applied to editors and content manager. We educate in how to work with old and new material on its website to reach the most visitors.

Our courses and workshops are available in two versions. One for those with limited or no knowledge in SEO and one for those who already have a basic understanding of SEO. Of course, we also customize our educations on your needs and skills.

What we focus on in SEO Education for Web editors:

  • How to choose the right keywords for your articles and content
  • How to design your headlines in the best way
  • How do you want to design body text
  • How to work with links in articles and content

Contact us for a meeting where we can discuss how to formulate an education that gives you the best possible results.