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Increasing traffic to your website is of course very important for any online business. In essence, the more targeted your traffic, the better chance you have of converting them into sales and the more revenue you will generate.


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Ways to increase online traffic

The benefit of the internet, above other forms of lead generation, is that there are so many ways to bring people to you site and many of them are actually free. Successful traffic generation is about using these tools in a creative and targeted way for maximum exposure. Getting the right people onto your site will increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Here are some ways to attract more visitors to your site:

Adwords – Needs to be targeted

Adwords is probably the most used form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising solution available. You bid on specific keywords or search phrases to appear in a high position on search engine result page (SERP). You can choose the keywords and search phrases you want to target and you can use additional text in your adverts to explain more about a your products or services. We always recommend to even target a geographical location to customise the ads and make them as relevant as possible. We help clients with paid ads from Google and Bing.

The downside of Adwords marketing is that it can be very expensive, especially for smaller businesses. The reason is that you are competing with larger brands with the bigger budgets on the same keywords, and they will use this power to bid up the cost per click (CPC). TO avoid a bidding was you need to be smarter where you spend your money. Try to find niche keywords with lower competition, structure your campaigns effectively, test ad copy and subject lines and keep improving your campaign until it delivers the desired results. The goal is to find a positive ROI (Return On Investment) to make sure you get a cost-efficient traffic to your website or e-commerce. Another great tip is to target longer search phrases (long-tail) rather then just single words. The longer the phrase, often means lower cost and less competition. Sure, the traffic volume will be lower as well, but on the other hand you pay for more specific and better quality traffic.

Link Building – A part of your SEO but links can also give traffic

Link building is a traffic strategy that can deliver huge amount of traffic if done right. Always aim for high quality websites in your own niche. Inbound links from quality sites sees as a recommendation for Google and other search engines, so they add to your websites authority. If done right it will increase your search engine positions. A website with thousands of inbound links (i.e will give a great boost to your SEO rankings, as well as online traffic.

An effective link building strategy will involve using partners, suppliers, PR, content publishing, web directories, guest posting and more. This must be planned with the greatest care. Links into your website should be earned, must be provided by free will and should only be from websites that you think compliment your online business. As always quality is the key, not quantity.

Social Media – Use this as a conversion tool

Everybody today use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Unfortunately many businesses do not understand how powerful they can be for marketing purposes. Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world along with Google. The reason for this is because people are interacting, sharing and recommend online content with friends. Word-of-mouth from friends and family are probably the most influential form of marketing because they tend to be honest and have no motive. This is why social media can be a great tool, even for marketers. Many businesses now spend a significant part of their online marketing budget on social media.

This is how you should use social networks

You should never use social networks as a channel to sell, this will most likely make you look desperate and spammy. Social channels are about building your brand, consumer confidence and creating a conversion with your customers and potential customers.

Social networks generally use a ‘no follow’ tag which means Google and other search engines do not count is as a real recommendation. Social networks give you an opportunity to increase the traffic to your website, but the links cannot be counted as a part of your link building campaign.

Unfortunately social media does not work for all businesses. A few examples of how corporate companies can use social media is; Twitter for real-time customer service, YouTube for video instruction videos, Facebook for ethical branding and Instagram for design inspiration or brand marketing. Sometimes less is more as…

Email Marketing – Build a relationship with existing clients

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way of generating traffic and are perfect to promote offers, news, product launches and more to your subscribers. Email sendings is immediate so you can begin to see the results within seconds. As long as the email content are relevant you can communicate with your subscribers regularly to drive traffic into new or targeted pages on your website.

However, don’t abuse the fact that your customers have given you the right to contact them. Don’t bombard them with sales messages. Build a relationship with them and the sales will follow.

Off-site Promotions – Partner with relevant websites

Almost everyone wants to receive special offers and promotional codes because it makes them feel special. Promotions can be very valuable for your brand awareness and inbound traffic. A well performed promotion should be discussed in forums, bloggers and on other situations. By continuously creating creative promotions you can get a steady traffic to your website. A few examples is to use; money off, free delivery, free guides, free returns or even value add freebies. But be careful not to damage your brand!

Content marketing – Share your brand on social platforms

If you want to beat your competition you need to get your business into the public platforms and domains. Sorry to say, but you cannot expect to be successful if you sit around and wait for people to come to you.

A great way of doing this is produce additional content for your website that people will want to read and share. This could be guides, top lists, opinion articles, business news or the industry news, press releases or product reviews. You want this type of content to be found by Google and other search engines after the content has been circulated across numerous forums, blogs, platforms and networks. This method of traffic generation means that people who visit your website will be interested in what you have to say and engage.


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