responsive design is gaining ground

Responsive design

Responsive design is gaining ground.responsive design is gaining ground

A trend that has existed for some time among web developers around the world, but in recent months has been gaining ground on websites is called responsive design. The term refers to a website that can adjust the content and layout to what screen resolution the visitor is using.

The advantage of the technique is that if the visitor comes from a smartphone or tablet, they do not need to be redirected to a mobile domain, instead they will get optimized content from the main domain. Photos become smaller, text sizes adapts and elements gets hidden or is added. It also means that companies can avoid developing certain types of apps, except for specific applications that will still keep their benefits. As usual, there are pros and cons with technology compared to the model to have a separate mobile version of its website.

Responsive design from SEO perspective

From an SEO perspective, it is a big advantage to use responsive design, since user-generated links are in the most cases not added to a mobile domain. A separate mobile web however, can for most companies be more cost-effective to develop as it requires some planning in terms of CSS and javascript to get content to work well regardless of screen size and resolution. For companies planning to obtain a completely new design on its main domain, it is recommended to build it in a responsive design.

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