How to choose the right keywords for Adwords

There are many different channels to reach out with the message and find customers through. Adwords is an efficient tool that will help our business to appear on Google. But how do you use Adwords the best way? How do you know which keywords my target audience is actually looking for? This and much more is available to answer in this article.

Choose the right keyword for Adwords

The most important thing with an Adwords campaign is to generate keywords that are relevant to what you offer and that people actually searching looking for. It is also important to structure the keywords so that your campaign is well organized and easy to manage.

A common mistake is to assume that you already know what keywords people use to get to one’s website. Often it can be completely wrong! Even if an expression is common in a particular industry it does not mean that people generally use the term when they search.
Take me as an example. I thought the “adwords” would be an obvious keywords for my services, I was wrong. “Sponsored Links” are very common. I personally think it’s a pretty strange expression, and probably would not use it much but the reality is that people know what sponsored links are, while the word Adwords is still relatively unknown. You just have to adapt.

The process of selecting keywords is of course starting with the website and the products or services you sell. You’re the expert at what you do and sell, but it can be useful to get views of someone from outside who has a different perspective.

A typical Google search containing two or more words. Users looking for products as well as specific brands and services, but this can really be equated with that they are looking for solutions to “problems”.

To elaborate on the above example, and think one step forward is that you realize that a person who searches for “sponsored links” course is looking to advertise something. And why would someone want to advertise? Well, you want to sell something. So what has been the problem you want to solve? Well, you need help with marketing. So would words that is about marketing, advertising, sales, marketing probably be something that a person uses in their searches.

Stand therefore, the question, what is the type of problem your services or products help to solve. A travel agent not only sell destinations and flights but also vacations. A jewelery shop sells not only necklaces, but beauty and style. This way, you can find more keywords you can use in your campaign.

Use Keyword Tool

The indispensable tool for keyword research is Google’s own keyword tool. It is open to all even if you do not have an Adwords account, just do a search for it on Google. Inside the Adwords interface, you will find it under the reports tab and tools.

Enter any of the keywords that comes up to mind and do a search to see what comes up. Through this tool, you often get very good spreads on related words that you might not have considered. You also get an idea of what words you may need to enter as negative to weed out irrelevant impressions and clicks.

Most importantly, of course, is that you get to see how many searches actually made, this is not an exact figure but it gives you a better understanding. It will help you to decide what words you can advertise for and what match type to use. The so-called “long tail”, ie phrases of three words or more, is very good to use for Adword campaigns.