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SEM and other Pay Per Click advertising services are an amazingly quick way to start getting traffic to your site. If you are going for traffic from Google or Bing, their respective Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms can be a great compliment to the SEO strategy.
We can help to setup, manage, monitor, update and create reports on different PPC marketing initiatives, such as Google Ads.

What you can expect when hire us as SEM & Pay Per Click Agency?

Results! And with results we mean not only more visitors to the website, that anyone can do with a budget. Let us give you a few examples of what you should follow up on:

  • More transactions (e-commerce)
  • More customer inquiries
  • Lower cost per click
  • Better tracking
  • Increased knowledge about your customers behavior online and on your website.

It is not always a quick-fix to get better results. If the consultant is not profit-oriented or if they cannot show results after a few months, I recommend you to change SEM consultant.

Good SEM vs Bad SEM

The benefits of good SEM

  • Increased visibility
  • Lower CPC, CPL, CPA
  • Greater customer retention and conversion

The pitfalls of bad SEM

  • No demographic research
  • No keyword research
  • No competitor research

Why should you hire an Adwords consultant?


It is not difficult spending money on SEM or any other Pay Per Click campaign. The difficulty is to spend the money in the right way, so that you get as many clients as possible on the investment. Many “amateurs” managing SEM accounts don't have the basic understanding of the Google Ads platform. Some important features are audience, quality results, AdRank, conversion tracking and advanced bidding.

A good consultant knows how to create campaigns that reach the right audience. It comes down to reasonable bid prices and put resources where they are most useful.


A poorly managed SEM campaign usually have low accuracy. Low performance means money in the sink and lost clients.

If you don’t reach potential customers when they search for your products or services, means you are missing out on business your competitors take. One decisive factor is that it you need to measure and follow up the results of your SEM budget. No one wants to spend money on something that doesn’t give results.

An experienced SEM consultant should:

  • Select the right keywords
  • Writing attactive ad texts
  • Design converting landing pages


Adwords is complex. It requires hours of testing to understand all features. Do you have the time? Is it worth spending time learning Adwords instead of focusing on your business? How about spending time on product selection, logistics, customer relations, etc. Do you have the time necessary to master not only Adwords, but also Google Analytics?

An expert in Adwords knows how the system work. What might take you one day, a skilled consultant do in 1-2 hours.

Want more customers for your site?

We know how to increase traffic to your site and increase conversion rates

Our SEM & PPC offer

The main difference between working in organic SEO and SEM is that organic SEO takes longer time but give "free" traffic if you have a top position. As many have stated Google gives more space in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to paid results.

Google uses an algorithm that is fairly close to their common algorithm that measures the quality of your landing page to determine if the ad is relevant. Then combined with the amount you are willing to pay in an auction system.

Since we prefer transparent payment models, we let you pay directly to Google or other platforms directly for the Advertising spend. We charge a monthly management fee based on the scope of the account, spending, number of categories and competition.

Since the results usually comes bothh cheaper and more efficient with the help of an expert, you can quickly get a good return on the investment.

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