SEO for e-commerce vs. regular sites

SEO for e-commerce

SEO for E-Commerce vs. SEO for regular sites

SEO for e-commerce vs. regular sites

SEO for e-commerce does not differ that much on SEO for regular sites, but there are usually more opportunities to Long Tail optimization and a greater requirement for conversion. Conversion and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to e-commerce, and both parts must be carried out together, so I’ll give some tips on conversion + SEO.

Quick, clear and easy checkout

You’ve probably seen and read about it before, but to have a simple, clear and quick checkout can increase conversion vastly. Do you know how much dropouts you have in your checkout?

Above all it is important to:

  • No hidden costs at checkout, for example, shipping. If unexpected costs appears, customers can easily drop out.
  • Show clearly which stage the client is at the checkout. Feel free to experiment with pictures or icons that can have a motivating effect on the visitor.
  • Require as little information as possible and try to help the customer to eg automatically retrieve his data.

Google have made a rather interesting video showing how difficult an online checkout may appear in a physical store and what the consequences are.