SEO for e-commerce

SEO for E-Commerce vs. SEO for regular sites

SEO for e-commerce does not differ that much on SEO for regular sites, but there are usually more opportunities to Long Tail optimization and a greater requirement for conversion. Conversion and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to e-commerce, and both parts must be carried out together, so I'll give some tips on conversion + SEO.

Quick, clear and easy checkout

You've probably seen and read about it before, but to have a simple, clear and quick checkout can increase conversion vastly. Do you know how much dropouts you have in your checkout?

Above all it is important to:

  • No hidden costs at checkout, for example, shipping. If unexpected costs appears, customers can easily drop out.
  • Show clearly which stage the client is at the checkout. Feel free to experiment with pictures or icons that can have a motivating effect on the visitor.
  • Require as little information as possible and try to help the customer to eg automatically retrieve his data.

Google have made a rather interesting video showing how difficult an online checkout may appear in a physical store and what the consequences are.

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From a business perspective, it would be foolish to ignore the potential of the Spanish SEO market. We recommend to take advantage of the growing Spanish speaking market by having a strong and broad presence internationally.

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WordPress is one of the best and most popular CMS option because of its user friendly interface and flexibility. WordPress is also very SEO friendly in its core which gives you all the benefits of building a search engine friendly website.

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Running a webshop should be easy. However, with the rapidly growing competition it is a much harder task. Our knowledge and experience will help you to utilise your resources to create more efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

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