SEO for marketing professionals – 3 good rules

How to decide good SEO for marketing professionals

To hire SEO for marketing professionals can be quite complicated. To employ SEO consultants can be just as complicated. Often the problem is how to compare, how do you know which candidate or which SEO company that best suits your own ambition?

I will give you some good rules to decide how to go about when choosing a SEO consulting partner. Whether you choose to go with a single SEO consultant or a big SEO company, there are some requirements I think you should ask.

  1. Require transparancy! There are for some reason a number of SEO companies and SEO consultants that are not transparent in wheir work with SEO. For me this is something that is very difficult to understand. If I purchase a service, I want know what I buy. The argument some use is that it is 'commercial confidentiality'. There are no 'commercial confidentiality' in SEO, it is possible to see everything that has been done if you know what to do. Insist that your SEO company or consultant reports what they have done. Get involved in the changes on your site and the links they create.
  2. Rrequire controll! Regardless of how to design a contract, you and the SEO consultant or company does not have exactly the same incentives. For example, you can prioritize other things than SEO, your SEO consultant will obviously not make that priority. Make sure you (your developers, IT department or whatever it is) are implementing any changes to the site. Keep the control.
  3. Require education! These two points require you to familiarize yourself with SEO, and I think your SEO consultant should educate you. You should make decisions about risk and reward. You will have the final determination if any should be implemented or not and for that you need to know exactly what it is you decide on. This puts some demands on your SEO consultant, they have to learn everything you need to know to deliver good SEO result to you.

Summary: How to decide on SEO for marketing professionals

With these three rules; require transparancy, require controll, and require education, you have a good basis to decide on how to buy SEO consulting services, the rest is modest adjustments.

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