SEO Outreach Strategy

SEO Outreach Strategy

The main aim of outreach in an SEO campaign is to develop important backlinks from an off-site website to the website of a client. These links not only improve the organic rankings but also make the company known to new audiences, thereby driving referral traffic to the client. The outreach also strengthens the client's credibility.

Given that several agencies of SEO have positively responded to the algorithmic improvements of Google by channelling their efforts to the building of content links, content supply overly outdoes demand. Specialists of outreach must, therefore, employ advanced skills in identifying valuable publishers and eventually convince them to promote their content. This article features tested and proven SEO outreach strategies.

Outreach Strategy Overview

Although some people tend to give a narrow viewpoint to SEO outreach, treating it as a mere contenting pitching process with the aim of offsetting publishers, the underlying truth is that outreach is broader. It touches several aspects of the client's sales, branding, and marketing strategies, and SEO aspects. All these apply to the lower-level organic aspect.

The main objective of SEO is link-building. It involves creating various backlinks to the website of a company in order to enhance its visibility on various search engines, Google included. Every outreach team of an SEO agency must cover six significant bases, i.e review and analysis, publisher communication, content development, publishers, target markets, and link building best practices.

All the above-listed areas generally describe the process of outreach at a higher level. The next sections will cover the most significant technical considerations necessary for a successful outreach in each area. Basically, the key drivers for outreach are creativity, value, and relevance. The content must be relevant to the target audience and publishers must always be relevant to clients.

Analysis and Review of the SEO Outreach Strategy Performance

Expert analysis and review of the performance of outreach is key to the success of SEO and outreach campaign. Selected data points, such as the total number of direct backlinks created are always concrete. On the other hand, other data points, such as the number of social shares received by a piece of content, are often quite difficult to peg.

It is usually important to track data in order to get a fuller picture of the results. Seasoned SEO agencies tend to be more knowledgeable about the best way to weigh data to compensate for margin errors. To get an insight into how thoroughly the SEO/outreach of an SEO agency is monitoring its campaign activity, you should review it monthly.

The most important data that every seasoned SEO agency would review include the placement quality performance, pitch to placement ratio, the performance of SEO keyword, socials shares, and backlinks created. If, for instance, placements only occur with only the second or third-tier publishers, then it's true that there are weaknesses in the content itself, execution, or in the outreach strategy.

Publisher Communication

To achieve effective outreach, the SEO agency must make mass customization its philosophy. This challenging approach ideally requires both scalability and personalisation. Scalability is important because each client requires several pitches each month. The SEO agency must, therefore, have processes and staff in place to research, formulate and eventually deliver pitches. They must also make follow-ups on large scale pitches.

Although canned email pitches tend to be quite common, they are notoriously ineffective. Usually, a publisher is expected to respond to various pitches that have clearly demonstrated the understanding of their unique needs. To take a personal approach, an individual requires skillful execution, strategy, and research. This is where personalisation comes in handy, since all the above require experience and time.

An SEO agency should be capable of qualifying the number of content placements and pitches that it executes individually over a given period. It is of great importance that a prospective client understands how many overall placements and pitches its campaign requires as a percentage of the agency's whole. This, in essence, gives the client a clearer picture of the occurrences.

Pros and Cons of SEO Outreach

Pros of SEO Outreach

  • More natural contextual links
  • Ability to grow social followers and email subscribers
  • More social share of the client's content

Cons of SEO Outreach

  • Takes a lot of time
  • Requires constant monitoring

Link Reclamation

Links are never easy to build and there are practically no two ways about it. Sometimes, you end up losing backlinks all the time. All the same, an expert is capable of counteracting this natural process by simply building a highly consistent stream of new links. However, it is notable that building new links is often more difficult than reclaiming them.

There're two main reasons behind the loss of links. The first is that links might be lost in the event the linking page ceases to exist. The second reason could be that the link was deliberately or accidentally removed from the linking page. Although these are the key reasons, there are other unforeseen circumstances under which the links might be lost.

Unfortunately, in case the link was lost due to the author deleting the page, there is not much that an expert can do to reclaim or restore the link. It is notable that pages occasionally get deleted accidentally. If you have a strong conviction that this might be the case, it's advisable that you contact the site owner and notify them.

Mentions That are Unlinked

Sometimes, people will mention your business without linking to it. This will happen more often than you can imagine. But, what does this really have to do with the building of links? When you get such mentions, you're already on your way to earning a link. It gives you a picture of an author who's familiar with your business.

If such mention does happen, it gives you the perfect excuse to reach out to them and possibly pursued them into turning that mention into a link. Therefore, what' is important is knowing how to find the relevant unlinked mentions. Although there are numerous ways to achieve this, the simplest one is using the content explorer of Ahref.

Bear in mind that the content explorer of Ahref is capable of searching well over 1 billion web pages for a mention of any phrase or word. It is indeed highly useful for finding web pages that are related to a given topic. It is also appropriate for use in searching for the mentions of your brand across web pages.

Great Tips for Building a Successful SEO Outreach Strategy

When building an SEO outreach strategy, the one-size-fits-all style never seems to work. Many publishers occasionally resort to publishing an article and subsequently ending bulk mailers to their niches. Such mailers usually request bloggers or publishers in their niches to link their published articles. Well, building a successful SEO outreach strategy involves choosing quality over quantity as well as being very creative.

Quality versus Quantity

One crucial aspect of SEO is link building. It creates your site's domain authority and helps to advance your international sites and triggers relevant referral traffic. A general and competitor search allows you to locate websites germane to your target market - you might find yourself bumping into interesting content that you take up and create for your audience.

Being Highly Creative with Your SEO Outreach Strategy

Building loyalty and a good relationship take time. Chances are that even when you have pursued the greatest course and done your best, you may still end up not hearing from some of your prospects. Guest blogging is primarily one of the most creative ways of creating quality backlinks. A successful blog can receive about 5-10 guest blogging requests daily.

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SEO Outreach Strategy FAQ

It's a means of piggybacking on the equity of one's link.

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