SEO Project Manager

To get to the top, and stay, at the top of the search engine results you need the very best practice SEO It takes structure, discipline and a thorough understanding of SEO to create a strategy that truly delivers, over and over again. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requires long-term thinking. We help you select the best keywords and search phrases for your business. Our work is transparent, educational and we focus on your business goals.

SEO project manager & consultant

The world of SEO is driven by ever-changing search engine algorithms. This makes SEO both hugely competitive yet multi-faceted.

Our SEO consultants work hard, on a daily basis, to stay up to date with the constant changes in the SEO world to make sure our clients gets maximum visibility in the search engines. This knowledge is something that we are happy to share with our clients. We work collaboratively on all of our projects to ensure our clients learn more about the SEO process as time goes on. Equally important to us, is transparency. Unlike many other SEO companies, we always tell our clients what we are doing. For us, it is given that our clients have full insight into the SEO work we perform for them.

Your SEO project manager do project specific research, optimisation and reporting to deliver you a greater return for every click and to show you exactly where you are making the most return on your investment. No matter how big or small your campaign is, we guarantee a tailored solution that fit your needs and budget. Through our advanced SEO techniques we give your site the injection it needs to get to the top of the results, and to stay there.

Increased ROI on your SEO strategy

SEO has the unique ability to increase the ROI the longer you stay within the strategy that is outlines. SEO is long-term and normally takes some time before it takes off - and then continue to improve over time, even with the same investment.

There are several reasons why SEO improves with age. One of the reasons is Google have the ability to be self-reinforcing. If you already have a first page position in a converting search phrase in your main segment, chances are much higher that you get links from your visitors. Google also collect data on the user behavior on the site. If this data indicates the traffic is engaging or converting with your website, chances are they will keep you in the search results. As you know, Googles main goal is to try and serve the best answers to the related search query.

The only thing that speak against the amazing long-term effects is that competition is also increasing. For some years ago it was possible to improve positions only by optimising content, meta data and site structure. Today is another story and you cannot rely on only that. Many of the previous improvements is now seen as hygienic factors most web designers and web developers already know. As SEO becomes more important - so does the competition.

To compete in high volume search phrases you need to build authority by actively acquire strong and relevant links. High authority together with well optimised content, fast loading website and a pleasing UX will help you reap the profits from a well implemented SEO strategy.

The strategies that we develop with our clients are based on long-term objectives and are designed to be long-lasting. We know the ROI on your search engine optimisations efforts will increase over time. Be patient.