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Successful SEO focuses on the client's online marketing goals. It is not a one-off project, but an ongoing process to create top placement and maximum awareness of the client's website. We are result and goal orientated and our SEO service help your company reach your business goals. Can you afford to wait?

SEO is all about getting a top position in the organic (not ads) search results. You will drive interested customers to your site. SEO is a cost effective and sustainable online marketing investment. A well executed SEO often gives ten times return on investment.

What is SEO?


SEO is the process of appearing in Google's regular search results. The main priority is to get more sales or leads. It also increases brand awareness and makes you an authority in your field. There are many millions of searches per day in Google. Google is by far the most used search engine. Bing and Yahoo! only share a few percent of the market. This means your company, whether you are big or small, must be visible. Not only can you market your services, but you can also attract those ready to buy.

Why is SEO important?


SEO is one of the most profitable marketing channels. SEO is an important part for both large and small companies. It doesn't matter if you target local, national or international clients. Search engines are perfect to find information, buy products or research topics. SEO works because you reach the potential client at the right time. Having a top position on a high volume search phrase can provide a steady source of income. Another aspect of SEO is that if you have a strong position on a search phrase, you most likely get traffic on similar search phrases as well.

How do SEO work


In SEO there are mainly three evaluation factors.

  • Technology
  • Content
  • Authority

To get a top position you need to master all three factors. The website needs to function well, technically, in the search engines. You need have valuable and attractive content. Last but not least, you need to build up your websites authority.

Our international SEO specialists

We are proud to have professional and reputable SEO consultants in our team. You can expect a dedicated SEO specialist in each SEO project. They set up the search strategy, are responsible and to follow up the results. We are convinced that if you understood SEO, knew how different SEO agencies work, you would choose us. We always provide the best service and never deliver anything less than the best.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a long-term project. It needs to be. Competition varies significantly from each segment. You need patience in at least 3-6 months. If the competition is tough you sometimes needs longer time before you can see good results. In some cases it is easier.

Our SEO do's and dont's

SEO is a long term project and it is important not to stress the results. If someone promises quick results in SEO, we recommend to reconsider that option. That SEO takes time is one of the characteristics that you are working with a reputable partner. Using methods that are not according to what the algorithm like, can punish your site.

We don't guarantee any results. This is probably the most common question we get. There are many reasons for it. The main reason is that SEO is an investment. You take the cost and the profit. If we take the cost, we would also have the right to take some of the profit. Another reason is that the incentives are wrong. It is always possible to quickly improve search results by taking a higher risk. In that case our incentive would be for you to take as much risk as possible. We do not want it that way. We want to do what's best for you and we have a business model that reflects that. We have short-term contracts. You can cancel within a month's notice. As we are sure you will be satisfied with the SEO we deliver. We believe in our service and do not need to force you into long contract periods.

Our project manager leads all your SEO services

If you want, you can sit back and let our project managers take care of all your SEO. You have one contact person, no matter what the case. The project manager always makes sure you have the right prerequisites depending on the mission. Both regarding SEO, paid advertising or web development.

In some cases we don't make changes on your website. If you already have a web agency or developer, we are more than happy to talk directly with them. We think there is always a reason to self-maintain control over what is actually done. It makes work easier for both of us. SEO is a team effort and our project managers help finding the right solutions for great SEO results.

How we do international SEO

SEO is all about getting traffic from the organic search result on profitable keywords. Profitable search phrases and keywords usually already have competition. We have the knowledge and experience. Our SEO service is divided into four steps. They do not necessarily need to be in this particular order. We always do what's best for each individual project.

The first step in successful SEO (search engine optimisation), is to define a search strategy. This means that the SEO strategy we present are based on the website's business goals and do our best to present a plan for a positive ROI (Return On Investment). We have seen the effects of a good visibility in the search engine results page (SERP).

When creating the search strategy we  analyse what keywords and search phrases your potential customers use. This is weighed against how profitable and relevant those keywords are to your business and the competitor level that exists.

We know that SEO is a relatively slow process and that it because of this is extremely important to set the track in the beginning by selecting the right search strategy to optimise for. In some projects the search strategy can be relatively easy to set, but in other cases it may require a careful and thorough analysis.

Spanish SEO means business!

From a business perspective, it would be foolish to ignore the potential of the Spanish SEO market. We recommend to take advantage of the growing Spanish speaking market by having a strong and broad presence internationally.

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