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The secret to higher ranking in search engines is pretty cut-and-dry: link building. Link building is by far the surest way to grow your site's traffic. Our high-quality linkbuilding / outreach service for the french market helps you build links much easier. Out outreach service creates a strong backlink network from other France-based sites in your niche.

Link Building & Outreach Service from France

The secret to higher ranking in search engines is pretty cut-and-dry: link building. While this is well known, most businesses still try to go around this by using blackhat strategies like keyword stuffing, using private blog networks (PBN's) and cloaking. The result? Hefty penalties from Google. So, this begs the question: why put that much effort in creating a stunning website only to get it flagged down by Google a few months later? The good news is, you can avoid this by implementing relevant and high quality links to your SEO strategy. Adding link building in to the mix together with your on-page strategy, is by far the surest way you can grow your site's traffic without the fear of penalties from Google. A high-quality French link building / outreach service can help you build links much easier and help you connect with other link building France-based sites in your niche.

Link Building & Outreach

Link building: how does it work?

Link building is the process of other sites linking back to your website. Google's algorithm uses these backlinks to determine the authority of a site and how to rank it. A backlink can be thought of as a vote to another site. The more votes you receive from different sites the more credible and authoritative you appear in Google's ranking spectrum. However, it is important to note that link building is not a one link one vote system. Some links bear more weight than others. And this is where the importance of having quality links kicks in. Having an SEO outreach France-based firm that understands the importance of having quality links will help you avoid linking your site to spammy websites which may hurt your SEO activities. As a recap, here are the benefits of link building:

  • You will improve your site's visibility
  • High traffic from sites you are linked to
  • You get to build relationships with other website owners in your niche

What about outreaching?

Outreaching is the process of contacting the websites that you want to have your site linked back to. A well done outreaching campaign can help you secure backlinks easily from high authority websites in your niche. Therefore, outreaching is the single most important tool you should have when building links. A typical outreach process starts with identifying the right websites to pitch their link building ideas. Next, the outreaching team will choose the right link building method they want to pitch to the website owner. This could be writing a guest post, resource pages, reviews, a sponsored post among others. The outreaching team will then pitch their ideas to the website owner of a high authority website they chose. When outreaching, there are a few tips that you should always remember.

  1. Start by contacting the right person (content managers)
  2. Write catchy outreach email titles
  3. Add personalization to your emails
  4. Be persistent and remember to follow up any unanswered email

Why should you let a French link building / outreach service provider handle your off-page SEO?

Link building and outreach take time effort and expertise to get it right. If you are starting out in SEO you might be overwhelmed by the amount of information that you are required to know. It is therefore much easier when you hire a link building company to do it all for you. One of the major benefits that you will enjoy when outsourcing your link building is having experienced people working on your site. Link building agencies spend years focusing on outreaching and link building. Therefore, they are more experienced in building links than most marketing agencies. Link building agencies are also up to date with the new changes and updates going on in the link-building industry. Therefore you don't have to worry about the regular Google algorithm updates.

Hiring a link building agency is also affordable and convenient. While you might be reluctant to spend money to pay for an external service, the reality is, link building is far less expensive than hiring an in-house SEO expert. It is also less expensive than trying to handle all the work yourself. A link building agency will allow you to concentrate on other demanding parts of your business as they handle the SEO side of your business. Most link building agencies are also dedicated and results-driven. They will work on your project until they reach the targeted monthly visitors or the rankings that you had agreed on when hiring them. This can be hard to achieve with an in-house employee since most of them aren't that dedicated.

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3 frequently asked questions about SEO links

A quality backlink is a backlink that improves your site's SEO. In a nutshell, this link will appear on a site that has similar content or is in the same niche as your website. A toxic link that is a link that weakens your SEO. Most toxic links are a result of blackhat SEO strategies.

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