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SEO is an ever-changing landscape. As of 2018, the German revenue from retail ecommerce equated to 70.35 billion dollars. With this number being retail focused, it’s clear that SEO and digital marketing is as important now as any other marketing campaign. With that in mind, one of the most crucial aspects of optimisation is actually behind the scenes. It involves link building, and outreaching.

Link Building & Outreach Service from Germany

We have put together some details on what you can expect from our SEO outreach Germany and link-building service. We’ll explain how you can use a German linkbuilding / outreach service to boost your traffic and build a strong online presence, and if you’re interested, you can get in touch to discuss pricing.

Good SEO vs bad SEO

What is link-building?

Simply put, link-building is getting other websites to link back to your website. By linking back, we mean adding a hyperlink of your website or web page to their content. Link-building helps Google's algorithms determine where your website should rank in the search engines. A backlink to a website can be thought of as a vote that is used by Google to determine how authoritative a website is.

Therefore, the ability to secure more backlinks is the most important skill you need to have for your link building Germany campaign. However, it is important to note that link-building is not a one-man-one-vote system. Some links from websites have more weight than others, meaning some links are considered of higher quality than others. What determines the quality of a link?

• How related your site is to the site you are linking to
• How authoritative the site you are linking to is

What about outreach?

Outreach is one of the ways we do link-building. It involves communicating with other website owners with the aim of sharing your link building ideas. There are a couple of ways outreaching can be done. One of the most common methods is through an email outreach campaign, where we search and approach a prospect website. This will involve identifying which websites suit your link-building project and which ones to avoid. Next, we will be looking for the contacts of the website owners. Here, we use tools and extensions to write email pitches to the contacts you’ve got. There are tools we can also use if we have a long list of contacts to send out a bulk email.

1. Buzzstream
2. Outreach plus
3. Pitchbox
4. NinjaOutreach

Expert SEO help to build links to the German market

Outsourcing your link-building and outreaching is a very crucial decision you will have to make in your business. This can be the difference between a thousand page views and a few page views for a website that is starting out, if you’re working with a team of SEO experts.

If you’re looking to cut costs internally and still reap the SEO benefits of outreach and linkbuilding in Germany, we can help. We work effectively by using internal communication systems and successfully complete our client projects. Save costs and time and let the professional SEO experts help.

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FAQ on link-building and outreaching

Links can be classified as either good or bad, depending on their effects on a site's SEO. A good link is a link that boosts a site's SEO by improving its ranking and traffic. A bad link, on the other hand, is a link that negatively affects a site's SEO, such as decreasing the search rankings.

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