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As of 2019, there were over 60 million internet users in Italy, sources tell us. The digital marketing industry is truly booming. That means the final part of your SEO campaign, link building, needs to be perfect in order to engage with your Italian audience.

Link Building & Outreach Service from Italy

We have a team of SEO and link building Italian experts who can offer you top link-building and outreach strategies. We’ll explain the importance of SEO outreach in France and link building for the Italian market and why an Italian linkbuilding / outreach service is important for your business.

Different Techniques for Italian SEO Link Building

Guest posting done the right way

Guest posting should be at the forefront of your link building Italy strategy if you are looking to drive massive traffic and get powerful backlinks to your website. We’ll identify the websites that we’ll be pitching ideas to. We’ll always choose websites that are related to your business or that post content similar to yours. Here is an insight into the ways we can help boost your guest posting campaigns:

• Choose authoritative websites when prospecting for guest posts
• Avoid thin content by posting a lengthy, informative article
• Write on unique and trendy topics in your niche

Creating amazing content

The benefits of creating amazing content go far beyond impressing your audience. Good content on your website naturally attracts more traffic and improves your ranking on the search engine results. In SEO, one of the most important reasons why you need to create amazing content is to score high-quality backlinks. Having good, informative content on your website attracts other website owners in your niche to link to your article. This way, you don't even have to worry about outreaching to authoritative websites, since you already have an informative piece of content that they can link to.

When creating content for the Italian market, having a good Italian writer or an SEO marketing firm with good knowledge of the Italian market is crucial. Check out these additional tips we've put together on how to create amazing link-worthy content:

1. Write about trendy topics in your niche
2. Create long posts based on research about a particular topic
3. Create unique, humorous posts
4. Cover news or important updates in your niche

SEO Link insertion

Link insertion is one of the fastest, yet hardest ways to score backlinks. It is also one of the strategies that heavily depends on your outreaching skills. With this strategy, you will be approaching different website owners and pitching your link insertion ideas. This strategy can be tough when communicating with complete strangers - therefore, creating relationships with the site owners before you actually tell them of your link insertion idea is important. One way to do this is by engaging with them on their social media platforms. You can comment and share their social media posts and also engage them in direct messages. Try also commenting on their blog when they post a new article. With this, you will make yourself known and seem less of a stranger to the site owners.

A much easier option to score backlinks when doing link inserts is through reviews and testimonials. With reviews and testimonials, you get a chance to share your experience on a certain product you bought from the website. In essence, you will be promoting a product on its website in exchange for a backlink to your site. When creating testimonials, start by analyzing the websites that you have bought amazing products from. Then check whether they accept reviews and testimonials about their products on their website. If they do, proceed to craft a nice yet truthful review of your experience of using the product. If possible, you can also go the extra mile by creating a short video clip about the product you purchased from the website.

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FAQ on link building & outreaching

To rank higher in the search engines, you need to create links through high-quality outreaching. However, link-building and outreaching can end up taking a lot of precious time and freedom as a business owner. But with an experienced link-building/ outreaching team, you can achieve your SEO goals without having to put in the hard work yourself.

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