Do you need on-page analysis?


SEO is not rocket science. You need a well optimised website and good, quality, relevant links. Simple.

When and how your website appears in the search results page (SERP), is depending on how well search engines can understand and present your website. Our on-page analysis presents how you should optimise your website to improve your rankings in Google.

On-Page Analysis means that the website is reviewed to verify that all pages are easily accessible and optimized for search engines. The internal link structure to be reviewed for maximum performance in search engines. Texts on the pages to be optimized for different keywords that emerged from the analysis is examined.

All search engines have an algorithm that determines which web site to appear on the search results, this is why on-page analysis is important. SEO is to show the search engine that the site is about a certain topic and that it is important enough to appear in the result. One aim of a search engine is about to make a good evaluation of a web sites relevance. If you understand SEO, you can give the algorithm a helping hand to interpret the website you are working with. Then show that the site is an authority in the field is very important because search engines want to show the main web sites first.

Our SEO On-Page Analyse examines:

  • Structure
  • Content
  • Code