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By 2024, sources say, the number of internet users is expected to be 7.4 billion. That’s why it’s vital that your new website is optimised fully. If you’ve optimised it for mobile functionality and on page optimisation, you need to carry out optimisation behind the scenes too, to help search engines build a good relationship with your website. You can do this link building and outreaching. If you’re looking to serve the Portuguese audience with this strategy, then we can help.

Link Building & Outreach Service from Portugal

We have outlined some of the ways in which our Portuguese link building service can help the SEO performance of your website. Discover some of the strategies we use; learn how you can use a Portuguese linkbuilding / outreach service to boost your traffic and sales. If you’re interested, get in touch with us to find out how we can work together.

Different Link Building & Outreach Techniques

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a link bedrock. It means you get an opportunity to share your ideas and a link to your website. This way, you end up marketing yourself as an authority as well as driving traffic to your site through the link you shared. To get the most out of guest posting, you need to carefully select authoritative websites in your niche with topics that match what you have on your site. This way, you’ll end up getting high-quality backlinks for your link building Portugal campaigns.

Here are just a few guest post pitching ideas of ours:

• Submit unique and original content
• Read the guidelines before making your pitch
• Write amazing content
• Aim at providing value to readers, not just securing a backlink

Writing link-worthy content

If you really want to become a link magnet, you need to improve the content you have on your site. The benefits of having good content go far beyond providing value. Good content gets linked to even without having to do any outreaching campaigns. Therefore, start by assessing the content you have on your site. Content needs to be worthy of a link. That means well researched content is easier to get linked to, so aim to produce well-researched, valuable content. When choosing topics for your content, avoid choosing ones that have already been covered by other websites. Start with new emerging topics that only a few have covered. Here are some other ideas that will help you produce link-worthy content:

1. Create infographics
2. Cover trendy topics in your niche
3. Write on a topic that few websites have written about

What is broken link building?

Broken links (also known as dead links) are links that no longer work on a site. Broken link building works in three simple ways.

One is by finding a relevant website with a broken link. There are tools that can help you locate broken links on a website, such as the "check my links" Google Chrome extension.

Next, you need to recreate the content that was in the broken link.

The final step is to ask the websites linking to the broken link to insert your link instead. Although this might seem a lot of work for one link, remember that once you’ve recreated the content of the broken link, most websites will be more than willing to swap the dead link with a working one.

Reviews and testimonials are also a good way of scoring backlinks for a website that is just starting out. Link building through reviews works by creating a review for a site you have used, and its products, and then adding a link to your review.

For example, if you’re an SEO website you will be targeting websites that you have bought SEO products and tools from. You will create a pitch to the website, indicating your offer and your idea to include your website’s link in the review. If they accept your idea, go ahead and craft a good review which truthfully explains your experience while using the product. If it's acceptable, go the extra mile and create a short video while reviewing the product.

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Link Building FAQ

Domain authority is a measure created to determine how authoritative websites are. A website with a higher domain authority is considered more authoritative, while a website with a lower domain authority is less authoritative.

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