Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead with our competitor analysis.  To appear hight up in search engine results requires a good and well executed search strategy. As in many other situations it is wise to analyze what your competitors are doing, even in terms of search engine optimization. Our competitor analysis illuminates your competitors from a search engine optimization perspective. The analysis will cover how well your competitors are working with search engine optimization and if a competitor does something that is worth emulating.

This is included in our competitor analysis:

1. Competitors keywords
– What are the main keywords optimize your competitors for
– Your competitors’ positions on these keywords

2. Competitors sites
– How well optimized is your competitors’ sites
– Main strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ sites

3. Competitors inbound links
– Quantity and quality of your competitors inbound links
– Competitors strategy to get inbound links

4. Recommendations
– What of what your competitors are doing is worth emulating
– Suggested next steps

Competitor analysis is delivered as a written document we walk together with you as the customer through the analysis.