Current Status Analysis

Current Status Analysis is the foundation to a successful SEO investment. To appear high up in search engine results is a long term investment. The first step to be successful you need a good search strategy. Our current status analysis gives you the best chance for you to make the right decisions on further search engine optimization of your site.

Included in the Current Status Analysis (CSA):

1. Competitive Analysis (up to three competitors)
– Competitors’ positions on the main keywords
– Competitor On-Page quality
– Competitor strength of the current inbound links

2. Analysis of existing search traffic
– Search traffic relative to other traffic to your site
– Keywords that drive most traffic
– Mobile Search Traffic

3. Keywords and rankings
– Keyword volume for large relevant keywords
– Site’s position in search results on those keywords
– Competition Level on relevant keywords

4. Structure and Content
– Comprehensive analysis of the site:

5. Links to the site
– Number of unique inbound links
– Quality of inbound links
– Anchor text distribution of inlinks

6. Recommendations
– Site potential in the search engines
– Greatest challenges to success
– Suggested next steps

Current Status Analysis is delivered as a written document and we will obviously work with you throughout the analysis.