Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is essential to your SEO solution. To appear hight up in search engine results is a long term investment. It takes time to achieve results and it is therefore important to pursue the right keyword strategy from the beginning. In some cases, the choice of keywords can be obvious. But in other cases, a thorough keyword analysis is crucial to determine which keywords are most profitable to search engine optimize for.

Our keyword analysis consists of three parts:

1. Workshop
Our keyword analysis begins with a short workshop together with our customers. The purpose is for us to get a good understanding of your business with additional focus on your products / services, competitors, and what terms and keywords used in your industry.

2. Analysis
With the knowledge from the workshop, we start our analysis of which keywords are best for your business. To develop these keywords, we analyze the following factors:

  • Relevance to business
  • Competitors’ keyword selection
  • Current positions
  • Search Volume and trends
  • Level of competition keywords
  • Conversion Ability

3. Recommendation and review
Keyword analysis is delivered as a written document with a clear recommendation as to which keyword strategy, and which keywords we think is best to bet on. We walk with you through the analysis and illustrates the same time what it takes to appear on the recommended keywords.