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Spanish SEO from a business perspective


From a business perspective, it would be foolish to ignore the potential of the Spanish SEO market. We recommend taking advantage of the growing Spanish internet users market with an internationally strong and broad presence.


Why Spanish SEO is so important

Spanish is spoken today by over 437 million people worldwide and is an official language in over 29 countries. Spanish is widely spoken worldwide, mainly in Latin America, South America, Spain (Europe) and North America. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 40 million native Spanish speakers. This makes the U.S. the fifth-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world.

Spanish is one of the few languages in the world which are official in world politics. Within the EU, the UN and many other international companies and organizations demand information to be available in Spanish. A combination of the growing number of Spanish-speaking Internet users, the development of the infrastructure in South America and the growing economy in the Spanish-speaking regions provides a situation where you need to ask:

"- How long time will it take before the Spanish speaking Internet users gets more than English speaking?".


Spanish online users are growing.

Although the Spanish language changes in pronunciation and vocabulary from the different regions, and even country to country, they all understand Spanish in its original form. Today there are approximately 81.7 million Spanish-speaking internet users (approximately 7.5% of all Internet users), which is growing dramatically! This makes the Spanish-speaking Internet users the fourth largest language group on the internet after English, Japanese and Chinese.

With so many companies offering Spanish SEO Services, it can be difficult to tell who can make a difference to your website and rankings. We know Spanish SEO is one of the most profitable online traffic sources. Our work is transparent and educational, focusing on your business goals.

Our SEO methodology for Spanish SEO


Our SEO methodology is always the same regardless of our clients’ budget, market or objectives.

SEO Analysis:

It might be clear already that you need to improve your Spanish SEO. But perhaps you don’t know how well your site is structured; how strong the links are; how good the content is; or how optimised your site is to your Spanish competitors.

Before starting any SEO project, we need to understand your current situation. That’s why we offer this SEO analysis, to provide you with a full site audit before investing in any SEO strategy.

We compile search volume statistics on relevant search phrases and keywords relevant to your products or services and present a strategy for the SEO project.

How we do Spanish SEO analysis.

At a time when Google Analytics no longer shows which keywords and search terms are driving traffic, webmasters have to rely on Google’s Search Console to get this data. Search Console gives you an overview of keywords already bringing you traffic. You can also find keywords you did not know your users have search for but still ended up on your site.

Using Search Console data, we can identify low-haning-fruits. Visibility you already have that brings traffic, but often with smaller improvements, can get boosted in the SERP to get even more traffic. Historical data from Google Analytics and search console is crucial to understand to move forward in improving your Spanish SEO.

Today there are several tools and methods to find new and alternative keywords. Ahrefs, Semrush, Google’s Keyword Planner, People Also Ask. Ubersuggest... the list goes on. We use these tools to analyse not only your website, but also your competitors.

By studying competitors’ titles, headlines and traffic, we want to find good keywords and search phrases that you haven’t thought of yourself.

Sometimes it can be beneficial to test a campaign with Google Ads. There are no general rules about how much to spend, but it needs to be enough to get enough evidence.

SEO On-page:

Based on the Spanish SEO analysis, we review the website thoroughly to give suggestions on SEO improvements. It is often related to content, structure or code.

Continual on-page and technical optimisation is key to any successful SEO strategy. We continually ensure all key content & technical factors are aligned so we can effectively meet the website objectives. We can work directly on your website, with your developers or via your web agency.

On-page optimisation for Spanish search phrases

The basic principle is the same whether it’s a B2B, B2C or an online store. Or if you want to rank for Spanish keywords or English.

Once the search strategy is created. We need to ensure what pages you already have and what landing pages we need to create.

What is on-page optimisation?

On-page optimisation is what many people associate with SEO, along with link building. Nowadays, several other factors are also extremely important. But, it is still important to ensure Google’s algorithm understand what each webpage are about. Search intention is a vital part of the algorithm. So ensuring each landingpåage for each intention helps Google to rank your pages for different search phrases.

On-page SEO, step by step:

  • Decide on a keyword (primary) and a search phrase with search volume.
  • Choose/create landing page that will rank for the keyword.
  • Include the keywords in the page URL, e.g.;
  • Create a compelling title. A title is not the same as a heading.
  • Write a Meta description that describes the content of the page. meta description is not a ranking factor. But, having the keyword in the meta description helps users to understand the pages content.
  • Have a main heading (H1) that contains the keyword.
  • Include the keyword early in the content, a few times in the text and
    preferably at the end.
  • Include the keyword and variants in the Alt tag for images.
  • Link with internal links to the landing page with the keyword as anchor text (see Wikipedia).
  • Create quality content that engages. Writing long format content is to easy today. Many fall into the trap of only adding mroe content. Stick to a clear structure.

Another obvious point worth repeating is that the content should be unique. Copying content from others is usually a waste of time.

Off-page SEO

Your website’s authority is critical in how search engines determine and value organic search rankings. Links are the backbone of relevancy, authority and credibility. Every link provides the search engines with the independent recommendation that your site is of quality and relevant source. Hence, your link strategy must be created with this in mind within the guidelines you give.

Directory submissions, guest blogging, and content distribution will acquire relevant links to relevant pages on your website to help increase your rankings for search terms most relevant to your Spanish business.

Off-page SEO for websites for Spanish SEO

Inbound links are the part of Spanish SEO that can be the hardest to mange inhouse.

Working with off-page SEO is often time consuming. It for sure helps taking help from an agency specialising in creating links from relevant and high quality Spanish language websites.

Since the beginning Google has used external links as a ranking signal (page rank), and this is what made Google’s search result much more relevant than its predecessors. This quickly became known and was instrumental in the growth of search engine optimisation as an industry.

For a long time, SEO was all about link volume. Today you need spanish links to your spanish page to meet the relevancy you need to push your pages in competitive markets. Acquiring good links from strong and relevant sites from Spanish sites is essential for a natural link profile that strengthens the websites local connection.

If you target Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or Spain. We have a wide network of sites for each country you aim to win.

Our Spanish link strategy creates a strong and lasting link profile that will give results for your Spanish landing page. Link building is the most time-consuming part of Spanish SEO strategy. So it is not different from in this sense from doing SEO for any other language.

SEO Reports & Follow-up:

We present a monthly report covering and summarising changes within the Spanish SEO strategy. Together with the report, the project manager gives suggestions and feedback to ensure you always get the most out of your investment. No questions are too large or small.

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FAQ on Spanish SEO, link building and outreaching for a Spanish audience

Link building and outreach are not easy, especially for a foreign audience. You will translate your web pages, hire translators and editors, and deal with other hurdles. However, the results are always satisfying.

You get to improve your traffic, grow your brand and boost your sales. If you plan to acquire relevant and authoritative links from Spain, our service can help boost your SEO performance.

In 2019, sources stated that there were 26.2 million e-commerce users in Spain. That indicates that the growth of digital marketing is increasing rapidly. With the help of SEO experts in Spain, we can effectively take care of your link-building strategy. If you’re interested, discover why a Spanish link-building/outreach service is essential for any business planning to establish itself. Then, get in touch to find out how to best work together.

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