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For most business owners, it is natural to have your own website. A recommendation is to use a Content Management System (CMS). There are lots of different CMS to choose from that varies in flexibility and price. We focus on the most used CMS in the world - WordPress.
Starting out to have been a blogging tool, WordPress has in recent years grown to be recognized as a full fledged CMS. WordPress is used on editorial websites, campaign and event sites, corporate websites, e-commerce websites and member sites. WordPress can do anything when it comes to PHP, HTML & CSS.
Today more than 50% of the worlds websites are created in WordPress. Some argue that is is the downside of using a popular CMS. But the security settings are the same as for any website. Make sure you have the correct server settings, update your platform themes and plugins regularly and use any of the most popular security functions to prevent the most common attacks. The best is of course NOT to use any ready-made themes or plugins.

This is WordPress

WordPress is one of many CMS (Content Management Systems) available. WordPress with its open source software is completely free to download and use. This means that with PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge you can develop your own website tailored to your own needs. With-out license costs. Since the code is open source you have a huge selection of developers that know how to improve or create new functions if needed.

WordPress first started as a perfect publishing system for bloggers. Today it is also used, in a large extent, by people who want to create editorial websites, campaign and event sites, corporate websites, e-commerce websites and member sites. WordPress can do anything when it comes to PHP, HTML & CSS.

WordPress can be used for a simple blog or as a full CMS, regardless of whether you have Windows or Mac operating systems.
WordPress, the world's largest publishing platform (CMS) and we love creating websites in WordPress.

Approximately 58% of all CMS websites are built on the WordPress platform. WordPress has taken the world by storm, and we understand why.

WordPress is arguably the most user-friendly and versatile web publishing system that exists. If you want to manage your website by yourself you don't need any knowledge in web development.

We create the right conditions for you to run your website successfully. We are there for you throughout the journey, from the start to a long-term partnership. WordPress is a publishing under constant development and we keep up with every turn.

Why use WordPress?

  • Free to use (no licence costs!).
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Google loves WordPress.
  • Constantly evolving (Open-Source)
  • Millions of plugins / extensions are available.
  • You are never locked into a single supplier.
  • All reputable agencies have knowledge of WordPress.
  • Approximately 25% of the entire web is using WordPress.
  • Easy to create good and responsive web.
  • Nothing is impossible - everything can be solved!

One primary reason for using WordPress as a CMS is its ability to make the websites content visible for search engines. Thanks to a series of WordPress unique setting, one can easily make the necessary adjustments of a website to make it as effective as possible for the indexing of search engines. Learn more about SEO.


HML5 & CSS3 in custom design, or a simple WordPress website?

We want your website to be easy to manage so that you can focus on your business. Depending on what you prefer we can educate you how to update text and images so that you don't have any maintenance costs! We have put together a few packages to make the decision easier for you. Quick, easy and cost efficient.


We are experts in WordPress development and offers a variety of developers with expertise in the platform and there is not much we can not realize in WordPress with our combined technological expertise. We help you plan, design and develop websites with WordPress as CMS. We happily help everyone needing a website, from a simple website to a complex solution with requirements spec or unique needs. We work with associations, institutions, companies and organizations. We also help with hosting, user training and provide WordPress support. Send us an inquiry today!

WP Theme development

We build WordPress themes from scratch using the latest development best practices. Your WordPress theme will be fast, secure and easy to use.
Not everyone needs a custom theme built from scratch. It’s possible to take advantage of the wide range of WordPress themes available, and adapt them to suit your needs. Colors, fonts, layout and functionality can all be changed to match your branding and website goals.

WP plugin development

Plugins are one of the reasons that WordPress is so successful. There are a huge number of quality (and not so great) plugins available for free. If your needs aren’t met by a current plugin, I can build one for you. My plugins are built using the latest best practices, making them portable, secure and robust.

WordPress support

If you already have a WordPress website, you’ve probably noticed that it’s constantly changing. New versions are released regularly to add new features and keep the software secure. Keeping up with these changes can be time consuming, especially if you have no coding experience. We can do it for you. We offer monthly WordPress support plans that keep your website up-to-date, safe and secure.

Creating WordPress websites should not be seen as a cost for our clients, it is an important investment to achieve the business goals. A well-conceived website should generate income to your business.

Start with a detailed specification of your requirements regarding the purpose of setting up a website. Everyone involved in the project should understand what's your market targeting, competition, your strengths & weaknesses among other things.

Web design that attract online traffic and convert visitors

Web design should create confidence and give the right feeling to the visitors. Design and functions needs to work together to make the users navigate and use your website with in an easy and pleasant way.

We always use the latest web standards when developing a WordPress website. Let us take care of the technical things while you focus on the content.

Things to consider before starting a WordPress project:

  • How is your website important to you?
  • What functions do your website have?
  • Is the website generating business today? Could it be better?
  • Do you have a stunning and representative design today?
  • Is the website easy to navigate and easy to use?
  • What do your competitors do that we can learn from?
  • What do your target audience search for to find your services or products?
  • What keywords are your customers using in Google to find you?
  • Do you find your website if you are search in Google on these keywords?
  • Can you update your website without the help of an external web consultant?
  • How much time do you spend to keep the website updated, and what are the results?

We love working with businesses that understand the potential of using the website as a sales tool. Our professional WordPress development and design services together with continous SEO and conversion optimisation deliveres a solid and profitable online business.

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