Web design with customer focus

Every customer is unique and that is our starting point. We always start with the customer’s needs and help where needed. It may be that the customer is in a start-up stage to launch a new product on the market, or the customer is already have a well thought out web marketing with a solid website that needs a design update or further development.

Our objective is the website to reflect the company

  1. The website must contain the right message. The website’s design is the first thing a user is met by.
  2. The website must be accessible to all. All users have different understanding of the technology behind the Internet. In our work, we build websites that do not exclude any users within the target audience it has been appointed to reach.
  3. Usability goes hand in hand with availability. Websites can be technically complex structured, but it is our job to ensure that it is simple to use. The easier the website is to use, the better chance you have that the visitor actually can get the message on the website.
  4. The website must be easy to update. It is important that the website will not be a static tool, the client needs to be able to change, update and add news for the business. We use content management system (CMS) that allows the client to be active in the website’s development.
  5. When designing websites, we use a strategy and action plan for search engine optimization (SEO).