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Working with web design in a professional way is for us to combine technology and aesthetic beauty in the best possible way to get a message across. There are a number of factors that you should consider when you want to design a professional website.


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Professional website design


Working with web design in a professional way is for us to combine technology and aesthetic beauty in the best way to get a message across.
There are many ways and theories about how to obtain a clear, beautiful, selling, clear message in a good way. We believe that one of the key points is simplicity and that it follows the business plan for the site.
Instead of focusing on colors or fonts, we want to talk about the user interface, the experience and interactivity. Simply because it sells better.
When you hire us for web design, you can be sure that we will design in order to sell your product, brand or you as a person.
The most important part of achieving this is to clean up and simplify.

Web design that generate results


We are the agency that creates meaningful and professional websites. Instead of building a large organization, we have chosen to work in a large network. This means that we can tailor exactly the right team for your mission with competence you need. We love to make new contacts. Let us help you with your business and build something unique together.

To create a website that generate results, it is important we understand your business goals. That’s why we ask, listen, understand your business, identify goals, objectives and requirements before we begin the practical work.

When we have mapped your operations and goals, we begin developing your website. We focus on functionality, design, content, user experience (frontend & backend) and finally the release of the new website.

Once your website is published, it is important to keep it updated and fresh. We can help you with management, support and maintenance so that the website always is up to date.

Web design is user-experience


We constantly update ourselves in new web technology and graphic trends. We embrace ideas from prominent individuals and companies in web design. One of the key points is its simplicity, and that it follows the business plan of the website.

Instead of focusing on colors or fonts, we want to talk about the user interface, the experience and interactivity. Because it sells better. When you hire us for web design you can be sure that we create a design to sell your product, brand or you as a person.

The most important part of achieving this is to clean up and simplify. Most would probably agree that many websites today have too much of everything, without any plan other than that it should be accessible on the web.

Rather than just list functions and throw out the information, we make sure that there is a plan and a clear objective where the content is the core.

Web design for the future


The Web is developing rapidly and with the user in focus. With the new generation of web browsers, it is easier to apply advanced features. This allows freedom in web design is increased. Web design is also extremely cost effective and flexible compared to other technologies such as television and newspapers as a marketing tool.

A website is one of the most cost-effective ways of doing business, increasing demands for professionalism, ease of use and technical skills in terms of web design. To meet these demands and to be one of the best providers of web design agency’s in Spain is the main objective for us.

Example of web services we provide


  • Preliminary study for website project
  • Target group analysis
  • Analysis of technology, Visitor behavior and visibility for existing website
  • Project planning
  • Development of sitemap, wireframes and functional specifications for the projects
  • Development of graphic design, from the ground or from the graphical platform
  • Development of functions, new or further development of plugins
  • Frontend programming
  • External requirements definition and quality assurance in the production of third party
  • System tests and user availability
  • Operation & Application Management
  • Optimization and troubleshooting of existing website
  • Further development of existing website

WordPress designer & developer


WordPress is one of the best and most popular CMS option because of its user friendly interface and flexibility. WordPress also have a very good search engine optimized basis which gives you all the benefits of building a search engine friendly website.


Need a revamped & modern website?


HML5 & CSS3 in custom design, or a simple WordPress website?

We want your website to be easy to manage so that you can focus on your business. We have put together a few packages to make the decision easier for you. Quick, easy and cost efficient.


E-commerce consulting services for your business in Spain


We have worked with e-commerce for many years and has extensive experience in e-commerce from Spain, England, Sweden and Germany to both consumers and businesses. Our knowledge and experience is reality-based, proven and works in practice.



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Transparent, results & knowledge




We help small & large businesses with things like SEO, SEM, CMS, CRO, GA, GSC and other related acronyms. Above all, we focus on our clients business goals. We want to be our customers’ partner for online marketing and sales initiatives online.


Having a successful online business requires tangible results, ex. create more sales, reaching new customer groups or to improve operational efficiency. Our customers operate in many different areas, some are local in Mallorca, other offers their services and some sell their products online internationally. Jointly they regularly ask us to improve their online visibility and results. Our business model is based on close and long-standing relationships with our customers, big or small.

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