Responsive design for mobile website

Responsive design or mobile adaptive website.

It is not enough that your site works on a mobile, it must give an equally good experience as the desktop version. In practice this means that your site must be adaptive (responsive) - content, navigation, functionality and design must adapt to the screen and the type of device the visitor is using. A good responsive design allows the visitor to easily find and understand the content of your site and they do not need to zoom or scroll sideways.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design means that the site is scaled automatically to the screen resolution. Whether visitors are using  Tablet, Smartphone or computer. The website will load faster and the content will adjust in a custom format.

What is the advantage of Responsive Web Design?

Instead of spending money to build a website for different types of devices (Tablets, Smartphones and computers), you get a product that works from the start. Instead of building different websites for different screen resolutions that need to be updated and adapted individually, everything syncs automatically since it is the same solution. An update on the website is updated for all different devices and screen resolutions. You get a product developed for the future. Could not be easier!

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How do responsive design affect the process of developing a new website?

In the new mobile world, we will develop more flexible solutions both in terms of design, functionality and content. This means a new way of working where more considerations and tests must is needed to keep the user experience at a consistently high level regardless of users device. It is often an inherent characteristic of modern websites. In a couple of years responsive design will be so obvious that it is no longer a concept.

How do responsive design affect the content?

In most cases the visitor will access the same content no matter the device they are using. The solution to manage the same content on multiple devices is to use a consistent structure, both in terms of how data is stored and how content is presented.

What does responsive design do for our customers?

Today's internet users expect a positive experience whether whey browse on a smartphone, tablet PC or a computer. Customers that invests in a responsive web is not only investing in a modern and future-proof website, but also in more satisfied customers and greater business value.

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