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We have worked with e-commerce for many years and has extensive experience in e-commerce from Spain, England, Sweden and Germany to both consumers and businesses. Our knowledge and experience is reality-based, proven and works in practice.


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We optimise your webshop!


Getting a online webshop is no longer as easy as it use to be. You cannot just set up a Google Adwords campaign and expect the orders to role in. The clients hav so many different options today and the competition often very though in most niches. This means you need to work doubly hard to get the visitors to do what you actually want them to do, convert. Every step needs to be optimised from the when users makes the search in Google for your products or services, to the point when they buy. And then continue to optimise even after they have placed an order.

Statistics show that customers often have contact with your business up to 8 times before they place an order. This is often a combination of website visits, re-marketing ads, Facebook interaction, email, a tweet and then a direct mailing. It is very difficult to get customer or brand loyalty because of the accessibility of similar products or services. However, if you do manage to achieve customer and brand loyalty, then those people will be marketers and advocates for your brand by spreading the word across different online platforms, forums, social media, blogs etc.


How can we help your online business?


E-commerce is a very broad term. There is the technical side of a webshop where you need to select the best platform, hosting, website speed optimisation, structure and navigation techniques to ensure top performing level. Then you need to address the on-site factors such as SEO, convserion, product merchandising, website usability and most importantly, mobile optimisation. The final part of the e-commerce puzzle is the marketing. There is a myriad of initiatives to attract website visitors, customer acquisition, email marketing, social media, content marketing, customer loyalty, Adwords, data collection, PR and general brand marketing.

In addition to these three areas, you also need an effective customer service and logistics, if you sell physical products.

Our e-commerce consulting services help you to identify the weaknesses to optimise your online shop so you can focus on running the business. Our e-commerce consulting is always tailor-made and after only a day of consulting we audit your online business and help you identify your possibilities for growth that are realistically achievable within your budget. Very often, there is ‘low hanging fruit’ that can transform a business in the short term.


Selection of e-commerce platform

Today it can be hard to find the best e-commerce platform for your business. There are different platforms in various price levels with different features. We promote Prestashop or WooCommerce because we love flexibility & open-source, and botha are excellent from SEO perspective. We help you design and create a future-proof, affordable e-commerce platform that works on mobiles & tablets PC´s that suits your needs and budget.

Convert visitors into customers

There are many bottle-necks you need to avoid in your online store. We analyze every aspect of your e-commerce to highlight the ‘low hanging fruits” and we show you how to take them away. We use the same technology and knowledge in our own e-commerce solutions, so we do know what works and what doesn’t. We already made mistakes and solved problems, so you don’t have to.

Visual and user-friendly design

To avoid that the customer cancels their purchase, it is important that you have ensured that it is easy to place an order. A visual and user-friendly design are two key factors to run a successful e-commerce. We give you practical tips and advice that are tested and reality based.

Social media

It is important to be active where your potential customers are located. We know where to be and how to act in the different platforms. We will guide you through all the various social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the channels we are can go through and help you with.

Increase the number of visitors

We help you to increase the number of visitors to your e-commerce. We give you concrete advice on how to increase visitors to your webshop. Without visitors you get no orders to your e-commerce.

Selection of payment solution

You must be able to charge for what you sell. There are many different solutions that have different prices. We help you to find a workable payment solution that fits your needs. Billing, card payment, online payment services, cash on delivery and prepayment are examples of different payment solutions available. We will guide you through the jungle!

Get satisfied customers and keep them happy

Returning customers are the best confirmation that you have done well with your service. Here we will help you so that you can offer your customers an excellent service level and customer care!

All the necessary statistic tools

We can show you how to use various tools such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools.

Prestashop webshop programmer


PrestaShop is one of the latest Open Source platforms for e-commerce and is a very powerful and easy to use tool. PrestaShop is a very robust webshop platform with tons of possibility’s. When hiring us as your PrestaShop programmer, designer or developer, you get the most from the platform.


WooCommerce developer & designer


WooCommerce is now the world’s most popular platform for e-commerce, and increasing. WooCommerce is a plugin or expansion of WordPress, and is often the right choice when you want to start an online store.WooCommerce is scalable and flexible, it can grow with you.


Need help setting up a e-commerce website targeting Spain?


We love the freedom of open source platforms so we have choosen to specialise both WooCommerce and Prestashop for e-commerce websites.

We want your website to be easy to manage so that you can focus on your business. Depending on what you prefer we can educate you how to update text and images so that you don’t have any maintenance costs! We have put together a few packages to make the decision easier for you. Quick, easy and cost efficient.



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We help small & large businesses with things like SEO, SEM, CMS, CRO, GA, GSC and other related acronyms. Above all, we focus on our clients business goals. We want to be our customers’ partner for online marketing and sales initiatives online.


Having a successful online business requires tangible results, ex. create more sales, reaching new customer groups or to improve operational efficiency. Our customers operate in many different areas, some are local in Mallorca, other offers their services and some sell their products online internationally. Jointly they regularly ask us to improve their online visibility and results. Our business model is based on close and long-standing relationships with our customers, big or small.

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